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Bean energy to help power Britain

London Train Station

On your daily commute do you stop in a train station and grab a cup of coffee for a little morning or evening pick me up?

If you’re one of the millions of people that do, then you could soon be helping heat homes, offices and factories and potentially power vehicles in a new project which aims to turn coffee grounds into fuel.

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First ever International Coffee Day announced


Over seventy different countries and twenty-six different coffee associations have joined together to celebrate and create the first ever International Coffee Day, which is due to be held on October 1st.

The announcement was made by Roberio Oliveira Silva, the Executive Director of the International Coffee Organization (ICO), the London-based intergovernmental entity that helps promote the global coffee industry.

The one day event will be welcomed in at a ceremony in Milan later this year.

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Five events to drop off the Cup of Excellence calendar for 2016


Some of the most anticipated events in the coffee calendar are set to be suspended as the Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) announced that some of its Cup of Excellence programmes won’t take place next year.

Over the weekend the body said that they would be temporarily scaling back their competitions, with Geoff Watts, Chair of ACE’s Board of Directors, stating that albeit a difficult decision, it was a necessary one in order to ‘fine-tune and upgrade’ the current Cup of Excellence initiative.

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Affogato: A perfect union


Ever since Ronald Reagan announced that the United States of America should celebrate ice cream with “appropriate ceremonies and activities”, our transatlantic friends have dedicated an entire month to the frozen dessert. Unfortunately, to the best of our knowledge we haven’t been bestowed with a similarly glorious thirty-one day affair.

Luckily for us however, the coffee world does embrace ice cream. Given that the British Isles is currently basking in a period of glorious sunshine – and not to mention the fact it is July in case anybody hasn’t noticed – we feel it is the perfect time to discuss the affogato, a perfect union of espresso and ice cream.

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Caffe Society Speciality Coffee: La Bendición Pacamara

La Bendicion

Our summer batch of season speciality coffees contained just three different varieties, but what a trio they are!

So far, we’ve taken a closer look at the volcanic Chapadao de Ferro and the wonderfully versatile UNICAFEC Arabica. Therefore, that leaves one left: the La Bendición Pacamara.

You could say that we’ve left the best until last and if you go on scores handed out by the Cup of Excellence judges you’d be absolutely right in saying so. This is a really vibrant coffee that has bundles of flavour. It’s a proper Central American arabica and it’s one that’ll blow your socks off.

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Summertime Strawberry Suggestions


For a nation that is synonymous with grey clouds and prolonged downpours, we haven’t been doing too bad recently have we? Yesterday, temperatures exceeded 35°C in some parts of the country making it the hottest day on record in almost a decade. After a stuttering start to the season, summer is finally here.

Down in SW19 the All England Club tournament (better known to us all as Wimbledon) is underway and that means that strawberries are entering the nation’s spotlight.

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Caffe Society Speciality Coffee: Brazilian Chapadão de Ferro


Second up in our latest round of speciality spotlights is a decidedly sticky Brazilian grown coffee from the Chapadão de Ferro estate that makes the most wonderful espresso. There’s something special about this and when you read on to find out what makes this unique, you’ll immediately understand why we were so excited to get a shipment to ourselves.

It’s extremely sweet, but in a deep and dark way.

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Champions crowned at The Nordic World of Coffee


Last week the great and the good of the speciality coffee world gathered in the Sweden for the multi-day Nordic World of Coffee event. The jamboree, held in the second city of Gothenburg, contained a number of key note speeches, interactive seminars and some knock down drag out competitions.

By some distance, the showpiece of the week was the tussle for the World Latte Art crown, but alongside the baristas who have been perfecting their milk pouring technique for months – if not years – were tasting specialists and barista-bartender hybrids and many, many more and competitors came from all corners of the map to enter.

In all five world titles were up for grabs.

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Caffe Society Speciality Coffee: Peruvian UNICAFEC


We have recently taken delivery of three brand new speciality coffees in the past few days, all of which are available to order through our webstore.

In a series of posts, we’ll go through each different coffee in turn, showcase our tasting notes and the story of the coffee’s origin. First up today is a high-grown Peruvian offering from the mountain plantations near San Ignacio. It’s exceptionally versatile, very forgiving and packed full of flavour.

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Is the flat white the cappuccino killer?


The cappuccino is arguably the most iconic espresso-based beverage there is. Made with a shot of espresso, a smattering of hot milk and topped off with a dose of milk foam, the drink has become a much-loved staple of the coffee industry.

But could its time be running out?

Starbucks has taken the drink of its standard menu boards in some of the big American cities. Customers to some of their Seattle, New York and San Francisco stores noted that the cappuccino was no longer present, almost three decades since it was introduced to the chain’s repertoire.

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