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What is a flat white coffee?

Flat White Coffee

The flat white is still relatively new to the UK and USA, but contrary to popular opinion, a flat white is not just a small latte. In-fact it is very different, especially if you happen to be a barista.

First we need to discuss where the coffee even came from, the flat white coffee emerged from the cafes of Australia and New Zealand and although its precise origins are up for debate it is largely believed to have been forged in the 1980s.

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How to master the the art of pour over drip coffee

Not quite as flashy as nice shiny espresso machine, pour over drip coffee is a simple way to get high quality consistent coffee.

Elegant without being difficult, drip coffee is a great alternate way to serve coffee in your shop either as a first step into serving coffee, or an alternate to your big bold espresso behemoth.

The drip coffee is one of the cleanest ways to draw out a coffee’s best qualities, the outcome will differ from a machine producing the same cup, being noticeably more delicate than the standard drip machine.

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Orang Utan Friendly Coffee: A truly ethical coffee


Sustainability is a huge issue with global coffee farming.

With some of the finest coffees in the world coming from some of the most remote locations on the planet, it is important to ensure that the farmers are using ethical methods to not only grow their beans, but ensure their immediate environment is not damaged affecting their future crop propositions.

For many farmers, wildlife is not usually an issue when considering how and where to grow their coffee.

Large portions of the Sumatran rainforest have been cleared for intensive farming purposes, leaving the Sumatran Orangutan to become critically endangered.

We are therefore incredibly proud to offer Orang Utan Friendly Coffee, helping not only the endangered primate, but the farmers that live side-by-side with the majestic animal.

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Is your coffee machine due an MOT?


Have you ever stopped and wondered what the ‘mileage’ is on your coffee machine? 500 coffees? 1000 coffees? 10000 coffees?

Maybe you think that because you keep your machine spic-and-span, or your machine is under a few years old, then you don’t need to service your machine and this might not apply to you?

Think again!

To help you get the most out of your machine we are offering a minimum discount of £50* on on-site coffee machine services until the 15th June 2016! Now just £249 + VAT!

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Barista Tips for Expert Espresso Making

 Barista Tips for Expert Espresso Making

Former head judge of the World Latte Championship, Paul Meikle-Janney, shows you how to create an espresso in the first of our classic barista tips series.

As the basis for almost all popular coffee drinks, perfecting the art of crafting an espresso is a stage not to be underestimated, and has a few intricacies that need to be mastered.

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