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Astoria To Sponsor Two World Championship Events


For the second successive year, Astoria is to be the official sponsor of both the World Latte Art and the World Coffee in Good Spirit Championship finals.

These events – some of the most popular and fiercely competitive events in the speciality coffee sector – will feature the Astoria Plus 4 You TS. All entrants will use Astoria’s flagship espresso machine during their routines.

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Fine Food Digest Features Swordfish


Read by a wide range of buyers, importers, producers and retailers, the Fine Food Digest sits at the heart of the speciality food and drink sector.

This month, the popular trade magazine did a special feature look back at the movers, shakers and new product lines that have dominated the world of coffee over the past twelve months. And we were extremely lucky – not to mention honoured – to be included in their review.

Swordfish featured prominently on the front page of the roundup.

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Your Coffee Won’t Speed up Your Heart


Your heart might be in overdrive, but coffee won’t be behind the steering wheel.

A new study, undertaken by researchers at the University of California, has determined that a regular intake of coffee does not cause heart palpitations.

This goes against the conventional thinking that an increased consumption of caffeine interrupts our natural cardiac rhythms.

This study is the largest one ever carried out to look into the relationship between dietary patterns and increased heart rate.

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5 Great Coffee Cities You Should Visit

5 Great Coffee Cities To Visit

With the thermometers plummeting over the weekend, it felt like an opportune time to daydream of breaks away from this sceptred isle. Given our preference for coffee, it seemed only natural to think about a caffeine-infused getaway or two.

Loaded up on a potent mixture of espresso and wanderlust, the pages of guidebooks were digested, the internet was scoured and the brightest, best and most-travelled minds were consulted.

At the end of a rigorous afternoon of research, all that remained was a list: A list of some of the cities to go to on a coffee-themed holiday

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Special Offer: Extra Coffee, Free Delivery With Cases Of Coffee

Extra Coffee & Free Delivery

With the weight of a public relations juggernaut behind it, the term ‘Blue Monday’ burst into the national consciousness back in 2005. Heavily backed by Sky Travel, the pseudoscientific formula at the centre of the date’s existence quickly became a media darling and was heavily touted by both press and television to the point where it has become widely accepted (though equally discredited).

Despite being born of a PR maelstrom, it must ring true to a certain degree. After all, Christmas was a couple of weeks ago and the weather has taken a turn for the worse, with biting cold replacing the constant deluge of rain.

In a bid to brighten your spirits and to replace those dreary blues with an exuberant explosion of colour, we are offering all our customers the chance to get some extra coffee with their usual order.

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Two-Millennia-Old Tea Found In China

Ancient Tea

We are partial to the odd cup of tea here at Caffe Society HQ. Over the years, we have honed our tea sense (our seventh sense, if you were wondering) to be able to pick out some fantastic varieties and flavours to form part of our ingredients range.

However, our noses started twitching and our taste buds immediately began to tingle when we heard that archaeologists had uncovered some 2,150-year-old tea.

The tea in question has been unearthed from a box found inside the tomb of Jing Di, the sixth emperor of the legendary Han Dynasty who ruled between 157-141BC.

Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences made the discovery by looking at the fragments of dried out leaves and by using mass spectrometry; they were able to determine that the leaves, buried with the former emperor, were indeed tea.

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Coffee Could Improve Athletic Performance


It is good news for caffeine-loving athletes.

A new piece of research, conducted out of the University of Georgia, has determined that coffee is likely to help improve an individual’s endurance.

Written by Simon Higgins, a third-year doctoral student at the institute’s College of Education, the full report was published in a recent edition of the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism.

In order to determine coffee’s effect on endurance, Higgins poured over 600 articles and put together a comprehensive dossier that compared caffeine consumption and a change in athletic performance.

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87 Is The New 85

Alliance for Coffee Excellence

For 2016, the Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) has decreed that a score of 85/100 will no longer cut the mustard in its Cup of Excellence (COE) contests. Writing to its members, the organisation announced that the absolute minimum required to place in the events would now be a mark of 87/100.

“When the program first started, an 85-point of 86-point was probably not all that common, and an 89 or 90 was pretty amazing,” said Sherri Johns, the ACE’s Director of Training.

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Schaerer Coffee Machines – Now available From Caffe Society

SchaererCaffe Society can now announce that we are a supplier of Schaerer’s state-of-the-art automatic coffee machines.

The Coffee Art Plus is available in four different configurations, ranging from the barista-style Supersteam through to the fully automatic Flavour Point, which gives operators the ability to create over forty different hot and cold beverages from one single unit.

Schaerer’s other premier bean to cup machine is the Coffee Prime. Ideal for campus cafes, hotels and other high-capacity venues, the Prime is available in either instant of fresh ingredient form.

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