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Why are you less likely to spill a latte?


Why is it that a latte is less likely to gush over the sides of your cup than, say, a glass of water, a good cup of tea or even a traditional espresso or Americano?

Luckily, science has the answer.

A team of researchers made a number of observations about how certain drinks reacted whilst being transported. They then opted to conducted a few experiments in a controlled environment, constructing a purpose-built piece container which would allow them to test the damping power of foam.

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Introducing….Nuova Simonelli


Welcome to the espresso experience!

We are extremely proud to announce that we are now supplying a range of Nuova Simonelli coffee machines.

As an official UK distributor we will initially be selling three of the Italian company’s most popular machines; two excellent bean to cup models in the market-leading Talento and the versatile Prontobar and the Musica Lux, a compact traditional one group that will illuminate your coffee premise in more ways than one.

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A Drop of Pleasure on Holiday in Istanbul?

There are lists upon lists upon lists about great holiday destinations for people who want to combine a getaway with coffee, but if you want an alternative to the usual haunts of Seattle, Rome and Addis Ababa, then you probably should look at going to the Turkish city of Istanbul.

Straddling either side of the Bosphorus and both the European and Asian continents, Istanbul is an increasingly vibrant city that has become a tourism hotspot in recent years, attracting numerous holidaymakers to its historic streets, cafes and cultural centres.

But what we’re most interested in is the city’s irrevocable link to coffee and a brand new temporary exhibition at Istanbul’s Topkapi Palace. …continue reading A Drop of Pleasure on Holiday in Istanbul?

Coffee Shops and St. Patrick’s Day


When one thinks of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, the immediate conclusion to jump towards is one that involves a modicum of late night revelry and a traditional Irish meal washed down with a few drinks.

As you would expect, pubs and bars see an upturn in trade during the festivities as people head out to paint the town green for one night only.

On first impressions, the coffee shop or cafe could appear to be marginalised during the festivities. But, thankfully, that isn’t the case. For quick thinking baristas, the period surrounding St. Patrick’s Day represents a brilliant chance to boost business, join in with the jollities and attract customers both old and new through their doors.

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£300,000 tea

Expensive tea

Now, we do like a good cup of tea. Actually, a healthy percentage of our office prefers leaf to bean but everybody in the office had a collective intake of breath when we found out that a century-old tea is expected to fetch upwards of £300,000 in Vancouver, Canada.

Weighing in at just 375g that means the prospective buyer will be forking out £80 per gram. That’s a lot of pounds for not a lot a pounds! Ahem…

It might not be much to look at, but this circular disc of compressed tea is a treasure for the true connoisseur as it’s comprised of a particularly rare form of Pu-erh, a variety of fermented dark tea that is typically grown in the Chinese province of Yunnan.

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Fairtrade Fortnight Spotlight: Gayo Farmers Association


Continuing our Fairtrade Fortnight Spotlight series, we are looking at the Gayo Farmers Association of Aceh, Sumatra. This cooperative has been leading the way for Fairtrade certification in Indonesia and supplies the beans we use in our Fairtrade and Organic certified Java single origin.

Gayo Farmers Association

Located on the north tip of Sumatra, Indonesia, the region of Aceh is fairly special. Due to its geographical location it is believed to have been the focal point for the spread of Islam through Indonesia from around 650AD and it has a substantial amount of natural wealth and resources – some even estimate that Aceh’s gas reserves are among the largest in the world. And during the 17th Century the Sultanate of Aceh was one of the most powerful and cultivated states in either Indonesia or Malaysia. It really is a stunning part of the world.

But in our eyes the best thing about Aceh is its rugged hills, scenic valleys and fertile soil that characterise the northwest of the area. It is here where some truly great coffee is grown by the Gayo Farmers Association (PPKGO), the first Fairtrade certified cooperative in Indonesia.  

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Is coffee good for your heart?


Over the years we have seen studies divulge encouraging information. Some academic articles purport that coffee is good at preventing this or that disease, others state that our favourite drink has beneficial effects on our ability to perform certain tasks. If there’s one thing we know about coffee – apart from how great it tastes, obviously – is that it’s a pretty wonderful thing when it’s all said and done.

But when it comes to the heart, we’re open to admit that the reliable evidence in the public domain has been a little bit mixed. One report claims that risk factors like blood pressure and cholesterol can be exaggerated thanks to a prolonged coffee habits, another might admit that a cup of coffee actually protects the most vital of organ.

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Fairtrade Fortnight Spotlight: COSURCA


Continuing our Fairtrade Fortnight Spotlight series, we are, today, taking a look at the COSURCA cooperative. The Colombian based association produces the coffee (along Costa Rica’s Cafe Libertad) with which forms part of our Fairtrade Espresso blend.


COSURCA’s existence has seen the collective – one of the largest in Colombia – face adversity on numerous occasions. But their strength in numbers and desire to see their members prosper has seen the cooperative succeed even against seemingly insurmountable odds.

The Colombia that we picture today is a million miles away from the country that bore witness to untold violence as sprawling drug cartels waged war against each other, subjecting an entire nation to their decrees and whims. …continue reading Fairtrade Fortnight Spotlight: COSURCA

Fairtrade Fortnight Spotlight: COOCAFE

Santos Fine Cup

As part of our Fairtrade Fortnight initiative we are taking a close look at some of the products that form our Fairtrade range, discussing and highlighting the work of the individuals and cooperatives that we work alongside. Under the spotlight today is COOCAFE, who provide the Santos Fine Cup Arabica which forms part of our Crème Supreme blend.


Founded in the late 1970s in the small city of Lajinha in the state of Minas Gerais, COOCAFE (Cooperative of Coffee Growers in the Lajinha Region) initially aimed to collectively strengthen the local coffee industry and to provide support and encouragement to farmers. But there is more to life than coffee and good harvests and so, no long after their inception, the group began to implement social schemes.

Over the years the group has help create credit and educational unions, not to mention aid in the building of a number of rural schools and the formation of an education and rehabilitation program that aims to help former drug users reintegrate back into society.

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20% off for Fairtrade Fortnight

We’re not just running a promotion…

…We’re giving you the chance to change lives.

Fairtrade Fortnight
 (23th Feb – 8th March) is just around the corner and to concide with the event, we’re going to give you 20% off.

For over twenty years now, the two-week long event has strived to increase awareness for the Fairtrade movement. Since its inception in 1995, everybody involved in the initiative – from farmers to suppliers, retailers to customers – has made the Fairtrade logo the biggest and most recognisable ethical label in the United Kingdom.

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