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Coffee beans and latte

William Shakespeare had a way with words. Through his pioneering collection of plays and sonnets, the Stratford-native radically altered the English language, introducing a whole host of new phrases to our lexicon.

A subtle alteration to the dialogue in Henry V reveals that the title character has a rather large sum of money set aside for his favourite beverage, as the Archbishop of Canterbury notes:

A hundred alms-houses right well supplied
And to the coffee of the King, beside
A thousand pounds by th’ year: thus runs the bill!”

Well, fortunately you do not have to replicate the King’s superimposed spending when it comes to buying coffee!

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Stanton’s coffee pot tower to be brought down


Our attention was brought to a story that has emerged from the small American town of Stanton, Iowa.

In this pint-sized establishment they have a rather visible symbol that has lasted through rain and wind to become somewhat of an iconic local landmark. For decades a water tower that looks like a coffee pot has stood 125 feet above the ground, but not for much longer.

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The Coffee Connector

Group of people talking

Over the Easter weekend whilst enjoying two Bank Holidays in the space of four days we stumbled across a coffee machine that makes everybody get a little personal before dispensing them with a fresh cup of goodness. (And before anybody raises an eyebrow we didn’t mean that kind of personal.)

The Economic Development Board of Singapore (EDB) decided to ensure that people communicate more and they concluded that the best way to achieve that aim would done so over a cup of coffee. We, for one, can’t blame them at all.

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Coffee served with no Wi-Fi

 No Wi-Fi

The coffee shop has become the embodiment of the ‘third space’ – that location finely poised between the contrasting spheres of work and home – and has become an environment where people lounge, liaise and loiter, all whilst enjoying a lovely cup of coffee.

However, many people decide to work in coffee shops, or spend ample amounts of time on mobile devices, marrying together two of the three spheres.

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Coffee crust lamb – perfect for Easter!

Coffee beans cooking

Coffee for cooking, like in this great recipe for coffee crusted lamb

We may be closed today, but that won’t stop us from bringing you a little inspiration for your Easter meal on Sunday.

Naturally, given our background it features the bean closest to our hearts.

Many of people across the country will be tucking into a piece of lamb this Easter weekend (not to mention chocolate, hot cross buns and other such goodies) as it has become a tradition in many households.

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Coffee can help workers avoid dishonest behaviour

office coffee

We have known for a long time that coffee is good. Well it seems that a cappuccino, an espresso or a macchiato can make you good.

A study by three university professors suggest that caffeine may help those that are sleep deprived be act in a more honest manner. And considering I’ve already had my morning coffee, you know that this story can be trusted!

“Sleep deprivation contributes to unethical behaviour at work,” says Michael Christian, the co-author of the study that was recently published in the Journal of Applied Psychology. But, as he continues; “caffeine can help you resist by strengthening your self-control and willpower.”

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Caffeine as a blueprint to help fight Parkinson’s


Caffeine, the most widely consumed drug in the world and a component of the coffee we all drink on a daily basis, does much more than wake people up.

A piece of research, spotted on The Economic Times of India, claim that those people who drank two cups of coffee – two being the seemingly magical amount of coffee that needs to be consumed on a daily basis – had a 40% lower risk of developing Parkinson’s.

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App-based coffee subscriptions

Coffee Latte

After proving to be extremely popular in Israel, the app based coffee venture CUPS has expand and touched down on the shores of America.

The idea behind this scheme is that people sign up to drink coffee on a subscription based service and then the customers can head to any participating independent coffee shop and pick up a drink of their choice. Starting with eight cafes in Tel Aviv, CUPS grew in popularity, ending up with over 100 different stores being involved in both Tel Aviv and the Israeli capital Jerusalem.

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Research into the genetics of coffee

coffee beans

You may recall that we have covered the educational events unfurling at the University of California, Davis, in recent months, and once again the American institution with its love for coffee is in the headlines again.

We could be about to enter a brave new world and it will all be down to genetics.

“I’ve started a research project to examine gene-expression differences between coffees grown at different altitudes,” said Juan Medrano, professor of Animal genetics at the university. “Coffee is a unique commodity that affects the lives of millions of people around the world…so it’s compelling to contribute to something with such human importance.”

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Vegetarian Coffee Chili


You know you don’t always have to drink coffee.

Instead, you can add a little coffee into recipes to totally transform your dishes and luckily, we have another simple idea for you to try at home. And if you do concoct this great version of chili over the weekend please let us know!

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