Could cocoa improve your memory?


Did you know that a common chemical that is found in cocoa could improve blood flow in certain parts of the brain which are associated with memory?

A new research which has recently been published in the online journal Nature Neuroscience has found that taking cocoa flavanols apparently seemed to improve the elderly people’s performances in memory tests.

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Awesome Autumn Recipes


The astronomer George Vernon Hudson initially proposed the idea of a two hour time change in an attempt to ‘save’ daylight. Presenting his notion to the Wellington Philosophical Society in 1895 he prefaced his argument by saying:

“To alter the time of the clock at the equinoxes so as to bring the working-hours of the day within the period of daylight, and by utilising the early morning, so reduce the excessive use of artificial light.”

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Tanzania’s coffee industry is enjoying a bright October

Tanzania Flag

October has been a good month for those associated with the Tanzanian coffee industry.

Earlier on this month the European Commission has handed over seven vehicles to the Tanzania Coffee Research Institute (TaCRI). Vedasto Ngaiza, the TaCRI’s chairman, hoped it would spark a ‘coffee revolution’.

The donated vehicles will initially be used to help implement a new project in the country entitled Action Programme that will hopefully increase the competitiveness, profitability and viability of some smallholder coffee farmers in remote areas.

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Coffee and caffeine makes gym-going easier


If you find the prospect of heading to the gym or embarking on a run through town, they you may be interested in reading this following news story that has come our way.

New research which has appeared in the Journal of Applied Physiology has indicated that having a cup of coffee before exercising can see the task feel more fun – and who doesn’t like things that are fun?

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An exploration into bitterness


Jennifer McLagan has written a fair few cookery books over the past few years, with some of her most recent efforts focusing abstract topics such as utilising fat and bones in a culinary environment.

But, now, McLagan has shifted her focus towards investigating the history of bitter food stuffs. It is part rehabilitation process and part exploration. And despite there being a fair amount of content dedicated to historically healthy greens, other foodstuffs such as grapefruits, chocolate and, of course, coffee are chronicled.

It makes interesting reading too, especially for connoisseurs of all types and varieties of coffee.

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Coffee: It’s good for your liver

Coffee beans cooking

You heard it heard it here first: A good strong cup of coffee could be good for your liver. That is what a new report, conducted by the excellent people at the National Cancer Institute, has found.

It states that there is an evident link between coffee and a reduced level of abnormal liver enzymes.

Their latest piece of research can be read in full in the academic journal Hepatology.

So we think it’s time to go and get your favourite beans out and brew yourself a mug or two.

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Staff queue for coffee, even when running late

Queue Snaking

It is a widely held fact that Britain is a nation of tea and coffee drinkers, but did you know that 10% of the working population will happily turn up late to the office if it means they can grab a good cup of coffee on the way?

That might not come as a surprise to some people.

We are also known as a population who appreciates the fine art of queuing and although we may not necessarily enjoy our time spent in single file patiently waiting, it does appear that we don’t mind it when there’s a latte, cappuccino or espresso within touching distance.

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Your coffee habit is genetic

Coffee beans

Are you a one cup or four cups of coffee a day person?

Do you need an early morning shot of espresso to help your clear those cobwebs or can you be awake with the songbirds and bounding down the stairs straight away?

How do you react to shot of caffeine? Do automatically become anxious or does your memory kick into overdrive?

The answers to all those questions may well be hard-wired into your DNA.

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Australian aims to have 1,000+ coffee dates

1000+ Coffees

An Australian student has set aside a large portion of the next three years to have a cup of coffee with every single one of his Facebook friends.

All 1,000+ of them.

The man in question is Matt Kulesza, a twenty-eight year-old from Melbourne, Australia who is embarking on what he describes as “an exercise in remembering to socialise with and get to know people outside of [Facebook].”

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The beauty of coffee grounds

The beauty of coffee grounds

Last week we imparted some tips about what to do with your leftover coffee grounds. Instead of throwing them away or chucking them onto the compost heap we advised how you can use the remnants from your lattes and espressos to help condense those annoying and time consuming household chores.

Well it’s another week and we have a few further uses for those grounds.

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