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Brazilian Late Harvest Cup of Excellence – A record breaking crop!


The Cup of Excellence initiative officially began life in 1999 with the solitary goal of encouraging farmers to improve the quality of their crop. As the theory goes, the entire market would then drive itself upwards in a bid to attain the highest price possible.

Buyers from around the world flock to these auctions. What started off as a Brazilian only construct has morphed into a global celebration (there are now Cup of Excellence events held in Rwanda, Burundi and two in Colombia to name a couple) and one which we keep a very close eye upon as we launch our range of speciality and micro-lot coffees.

At the start of the year there was the Brazilian Late Harvest Cup of Excellence Competition, an event which took in some of the best coffees grown in the latter half of 2014 and boy was it newsworthy!

To get a Cup of Excellence certification, an individual coffee needs to achieve a mark of at least 85/100. This session saw a record twenty-three lots attain Cup of Excellence status, with the combined average of those lots coming in at 88.26 – a new record for the competition. Additionally, five coffees were awarded marks of 90+, therefore achieving the fabled ‘Presidential score’.

Head Judge Chris Wade offered a rather strange explanation for the exceptional scores, suggesting that the drought which affected harvests in Brazil and South America actually had a positive impact on cup quality: “We noticed that many of the coffees had exceptional acidity with great clarity,” he said. “This is probably due to the coffee drying faster and preserving much of the acids within the coffee. What we found on the table was absolutely stunning.”

 So without further ado, here are the results:

Brazil Naturals (Early) 2015

  Farm Region Score
1 Sitio Baixadao Cristina, Mantiqueira de Minas 95.18
2 Sitio Sertaozinho Cristina, Mantiqueira de Minas 93.82
3 Bom Pastor Carmo de Minas, Mantiqueira de Minas 93.00
4 Fazenda Sao Benedito Carmo de Minas, Mantiqueira de Minas 92.11
5 Sertaizihno  Cristina, Mantiqueira de Minas  88.75
6 Sitio Alamanda Araponga, Matas de Minas 88.71
7 Sitio da Ponte Cristina, Mantiqueira de Minas 88.71
8 Chapadao de Ferro Patrocinio, Cerrado Mineiro 88.61
9 Sitio Vale do Sino Araponga, Matas de Minas 88.50
10 Sitio Santo Antonio Conceicao das Pedras, Mantiqueira de Minas 88.36
11 Sitio Nossa S. Carmo Carmo do Minas, Mantiqueira de Minas 87.75
12 Fazenda Rio Verde Conceicao do Rio Verde, Sul de Minas 87.71 
13 Pedra Redonda Araponga, Matas de Minas 87.61
14 Sitio Rocinha Pedralva, Mantiqueira de Minas 87.11
15 Fazenda Jardim das Oliveiras Araponga, Matas de Minas 86.75
16 Monte Verde Carmo de Minas, Mantiqueira de Minas 86.57
17 Sitio da Ponte Araponga, Matas de Minas 86.39
18  Fazenda HJ Unai, Cerrado Mineiro 86.25
19 Santa Lucia Perdizes, Cerrado Mineiro 86.00
20 Samambaia Santo Antonio do Amparo, Sul de Minas 85.71
21 Rancho Sao Pedro Carmo de Minas, Mantiqueira de Minas 85.36
22 Fazenda Esperanca Campos Altos, Cerrado Mineiro 85.36
23 Fazenda Caracol Araponga, Matas de Minas 85.29

This summer’s big drink: The Espresso Tonic


This summer’s biggest drink is set to be a cold, caffeinated, carbonated concoction that’s the perfect refresher for warm lazy days spent out in the sunshine. It’s a quintessentially historic drink that has its roots in New York and has recently been championed by baristas on the global stage.

Ladies and gentlemen let us (re)introduce you to the espresso tonic.

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Expobar Pico


Meet the Expobar Pico, a semi-automatic espresso machine that packs a punch!

Countertop space is prime real estate in the catering world and if your working area is dimensionally challenged, then you’ll need a small-sized coffee machine that’s built to handle a fair amount of use during a day’s trading. That machine is the Expobar Pico.

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Hot Chocolate: Products and Machines

hot chocolate

Easy to prepare, appealing to customers and, like coffee and tea, a high margin option, it’s no wonder that hot chocolate is a popular menu option for many high street coffee shops, cafes and countless other catering establishments to boot.

But where to begin? From hot chocolate sachets and tubs, right through to purposefully designed machines, we go through a sample of what’s in stock at Caffe Society.

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We’ve had Robocop; somebody recently created RoboChef and there’s even been a robotic canine companion in Doctor Who, but now is the time to be worried: Robobarista is here.

The robot has been developed by a research team working out of Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. 

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Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Kochere Kore


Last but not least, it’s time to finally shine our spotlight on our Ethiopian offering, a delightfully balanced and substantially fruity coffee that has been sourced from the Kochere region in the world famous Yirgacheffe region.

This coffee, alongside three others, form part of our first ever Speciality Coffee Range and are currently going down a treat with those that have taken the plunge.

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Juice up your menu this this summer

Juice up your menu this summer

The United Kingdom is in the midst of a juice boom.

“Juice is no longer the one-drink-fits-all health solution that it used to be,” one wellness commentator states. Indeed, the demand for juice – along with smoothies – has exploded in recent years and has become big business for cafes, bars, fitness centres and the likes.

There’s more to juice than apples, oranges and mango.

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Rwandan Nkora

 Rwandan Nkora

Continuing on our spotlight series here on Caffe Society blog we’re going to showcase another one of our brand new seasonal coffees. These rare, single-origin and micro-lot offerings are being sold under our Speciality Coffee banner and are going down a storm with those that have tried them thus far.

Today we are shining the spotlight on our Rwandan Nkora, a very versatile coffee that has been noted for its mulled tones and stone fruit flavours. It’s brilliant as a filter and as an espresso, and we hope that you’ll love it as much as we do!

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Study suggests that black tea lowers blood pressure

Tea super drink

It has been reported that coffee can help protect us from a number of ills. Seemingly once a week there’s a new story extoling the virtues of our favourite bean. But that got us thinking.

What about tea?

Well it seems that black tea could help lower blood pressure, so says a recently published report from Unilever R&D which chronicles the potential health benefits of the drink.

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