Infighting in the Kenyan coffee industry

Coffee beans spill

There appears to be some infighting within the Kenyan coffee industry, according to a couple of newspaper reports published in the country.

One of the local Nyeri county Governors, Nderitu Gachagua, recently launched an attack against two national politicians.

During his tirade he actively accused them of purposefully attempting to sabotage his county’s coffee pool initiative. The two that were in Mr Gachagua’s line of fire were Kabando wa Kabando and Peter Weru, both of whom have been accused of attempting to slow down sales to ward off potential customers.

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India’s National Coffee Board releases record estimates for 2014-15

Plantation in Tanzania

Despite battles with the White Stem Borer and some adverse weather patterns, the most recent news coming out of India makes for some welcome reading. The Business Standard reports that a harvest of around 345,000 tonnes is expected for the 2014-15 growing season – an increase of over 10% on the final estimates of this current period.

It is somewhat surprising news to hear such an optimistic outlook from the national Coffee Board, but welcome news nonetheless – though many people have questioned the optimism being shown by industry officials.

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Coffee to help combat gum disease?


After having Monday off due to the Bank Holiday – and what a drab, wet and windy day it was too, unfortunately – you may be feeling rather groggy and in dire need of an early morning pick me up.

But, as I’m sure that long time readers of our blog will be aware of, coffee is so much more than just a great tasting drink that millions of people enjoy. Packed with antioxidants, it’s got numerous health benefits.

Antioxidants are known to help protect against gum disease, amongst other things, so; does coffee therefore help fight gum disease?

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Indonesian Coffee Festival


If you are in the Asian country of Indonesia in the middle of October and you’re a fan of coffee, then you’re going to be counting your lucky stars. Bali – one of the country’s most famous tourist destinations – will be hosting the Indonesian Coffee Festival on Sanur Beach.

Indonesia is one of Asia’s most prominent players in the coffee industry and is known for producing some truly exception coffees. It is hoped that this new festival and celebration of the country’s produce will strengthen its position in the global market.

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Coffee initiative established in Uganda


Arrangements have been made that will hopefully help Ugandan communities to increase their coffee production and in turn, help to lift them out of poverty.

Led by a University professor by the name of Samuel Kyamanywa, it is hoped that around 500 new coffee trees will be planted in the Kibaale District of Western Uganda that will provide around 100 youths with the chance of employment.

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Caffeine – the game


“The lights flicker as if somebody is toying with a fundamental binary code housed somewhere in the electrical circuit. But that would be impossible, wouldn’t it? The most reasonable answer would be to suggest that there’s an errant wire somewhere, but all logic has been lost a long time ago. Down the corridor, vaguely illuminated for a split-second before it plunges into darkness once more, there’s a note. The inscription on it can be barely made out. ‘Coffee this way,’ it reads.



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Brutti Fullin Costruziono

BFC Monza K

The choice of the Italian barista

In an interview, Marco Brutti empirically stated that the conventional way of doing business was not always the best method to put into practice and cited the way that Brutti Fullin Costruzioni was run as proof.

Brutti Fullin Costruziono, perhaps better known as the Italian espresso machine manufacturers BFC, stand out from the crowd thanks to their policy of creating and assembling every constituent they use at their Conegliano base. All components, from boilers through to connection tubes and stainless steel fascias, are all hand-crafted in their Italian factory, even when sourcing the items from elsewhere would be cheaper. But that isn’t Brutti or BFC’s way of doing things.

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Coffee plant resistant to rust being trialled in Guatemala


Some 150 miles east of Guatemala City, the capital city of the country it takes its name from, lies a plantation called Majadas del Tesoro. This farming area, based around the settlement of Camotan, in the vicinity of Chiquimula and close to the border of Honduras, is growing something rather special which could change the face of the coffee industry for the better.

On this farm grows a strain of coffee that is resistant to the roya, the highly destructive fungal disease which has been known to eradicate crops and decimate harvests.

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Could coffee ward off tinnitus?

Coffee beans and latte

With the remnants of Hurricane Bertha now hopefully long gone, our attention has turned from attempting to source a (yellow) submarine – in order to get from A to B on our daily commute – back to our general day to day work within the world of coffee.

So, imagine our delight when, first thing with a freshly brewed mug in hand, we read through a new piece of research that suggests that coffee could well protect against tinnitus.

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Coffee is booming in South Korea


Despite a long-held association with tea, the inhabitants of South Korea have quickly become infused with a passion for coffee and have begun to change their allegiance from leaf to bean.

According to numbers released by the Korea Customs Service, 120,000 tons of coffee was important into the country last year. The figure, a 7% rise when compared to 2012, puts the Asian nation as the seventh-largest importer of coffee in the world.

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