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Introducing Swordfish Espresso Blend


We’re really excited to announce that we’re bringing Swordfish production back to Sherburn in Elmet.

For a while now we’ve wanted to produce something that was a little different; something that would expand our current coffee portfolio; something that would straddle contemporary and traditional approaches to blending. We wanted to conjure up a fantastic, multipurpose espresso blend that had a modern kick; a blend that created great-tasting drinks, but also explored origin unlike anything else that we offered.

And so, after plenty of experimentation and becoming slightly accustomed to the continued sight of our roasting team running around the place like the bunch of mad scientists that they are, we’re happy to say that our Swordfish blend is ready to go out of the door.

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Coffee World Records


Countless records have been awarded and celebrated since the first edition of the Guinness Book of World was published sixty years ago today.

Entries range from the sublime to the ridiculous and everything in between. For example, did you know that Operation Chariot is down as the world’s largest naval raid in history and that Raymond Woodcock holds the world record for the highest bungee jump dive into water when he leapt from a height of 141.73 metres earlier this year.

People have even set records for having the stretchiest skin, travelling a mile on a space hopper in the quickest time possible, and who could grow the heaviest cabbage*.

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Exciting time ahead for the speciality coffee sector

Coffee beans

Great Britain once used to be positioned as a nation of shopkeepers and tea drinkers, but new research has poured cold water on that notion: It turns out that we’re a nation of coffee drinking shopkeepers.

Two studies have been published recently and they both make for interesting reading.

The first, conducted by Think Money, indicate that more and more of us are happy to go out for a cup of coffee, whilst the second, run by Allegra, proclaims that a ‘new wave’ of independent coffee shops is ‘transforming’ the UK market.

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Coffee Granita – A Sicilian Treat

Coffee Granita

The granita is a true Sicilian treat; a fine dessert, or accompaniment, which is the ultimate summer pick-me-up for those long and lazy summer days which are so often spent between stints under sun and shade.

As Marcella Hazan, the esteemed Italian cookery writer, noted:  “[The coffee granita] is one of the best ways to while away the time, watching life dawdle by…until the roof of your mouth [feels] like an ice cavern.”

Despite being closely connected to the Italian island, the granita is, much like Sicily’s architecture and aqueducts, Arab in both origin and inspiration.

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Rwanda 2015 Cup of Excellence – Results


It is a shame that the Rwandan Cup of Excellence event is taking a hiatus next year as the Alliance of Coffee Excellence undergoes a restructuring process. This year’s competition saw participation increase by a significant amount and is generally regarded as one of the most fun stops on the COE calendar.

The seventh iteration of the event attracted a crowd of around 3,000 people to the final, all of whom were allowed to sample the majority of the coffees on show.

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60 Minutes, 353 Cappuccinos


We are doffing our caps today as a mark of respect for the otherworldly efforts of Samii Gardiner, a Hobart-based barista who works for Atlas Espresso.

Last November she set aside sixty minutes and made an astonishing 353 cappuccinos. That’s 5.88 cappuccinos per minute or one every ten-and-a-bit seconds.

That’s seriously impressive stuff.

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2015 Rwanda Cup of Excellence: A Presidential winner


Today, we’re congratulating the work undertaken by the farmers associated with the Muyongwe and Mahembe Washing Stations for achieving presidential scores in this year’s Rwandan Cup of Excellence (COE) event, the results of which were released last Friday at a ceremony in Rulindo Culture Centre.

In total, 24 different coffees were awarded Cup of Excellence status, a slight drop from the 28 that achieved the relevant marks last year.

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Bean energy to help power Britain

London Train Station

On your daily commute do you stop in a train station and grab a cup of coffee for a little morning or evening pick me up?

If you’re one of the millions of people that do, then you could soon be helping heat homes, offices and factories and potentially power vehicles in a new project which aims to turn coffee grounds into fuel.

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First ever International Coffee Day announced


Over seventy different countries and twenty-six different coffee associations have joined together to celebrate and create the first ever International Coffee Day, which is due to be held on October 1st.

The announcement was made by Roberio Oliveira Silva, the Executive Director of the International Coffee Organization (ICO), the London-based intergovernmental entity that helps promote the global coffee industry.

The one day event will be welcomed in at a ceremony in Milan later this year.

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Five events to drop off the Cup of Excellence calendar for 2016


Some of the most anticipated events in the coffee calendar are set to be suspended as the Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) announced that some of its Cup of Excellence programmes won’t take place next year.

Over the weekend the body said that they would be temporarily scaling back their competitions, with Geoff Watts, Chair of ACE’s Board of Directors, stating that albeit a difficult decision, it was a necessary one in order to ‘fine-tune and upgrade’ the current Cup of Excellence initiative.

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