Caffeine – the game


“The lights flicker as if somebody is toying with a fundamental binary code housed somewhere in the electrical circuit. But that would be impossible, wouldn’t it? The most reasonable answer would be to suggest that there’s an errant wire somewhere, but all logic has been lost a long time ago. Down the corridor, vaguely illuminated for a split-second before it plunges into darkness once more, there’s a note. The inscription on it can be barely made out. ‘Coffee this way,’ it reads.



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Brutti Fullin Costruziono

BFC Monza K

The choice of the Italian barista

In an interview, Marco Brutti empirically stated that the conventional way of doing business was not always the best method to put into practice and cited the way that Brutti Fullin Costruzioni was run as proof.

Brutti Fullin Costruziono, perhaps better known as the Italian espresso machine manufacturers BFC, stand out from the crowd thanks to their policy of creating and assembling every constituent they use at their Conegliano base. All components, from boilers through to connection tubes and stainless steel fascias, are all hand-crafted in their Italian factory, even when sourcing the items from elsewhere would be cheaper. But that isn’t Brutti or BFC’s way of doing things.

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Coffee plant resistant to rust being trialled in Guatemala


Some 150 miles east of Guatemala City, the capital city of the country it takes its name from, lies a plantation called Majadas del Tesoro. This farming area, based around the settlement of Camotan, in the vicinity of Chiquimula and close to the border of Honduras, is growing something rather special which could change the face of the coffee industry for the better.

On this farm grows a strain of coffee that is resistant to the roya, the highly destructive fungal disease which has been known to eradicate crops and decimate harvests.

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Could coffee ward off tinnitus?

Coffee beans and latte

With the remnants of Hurricane Bertha now hopefully long gone, our attention has turned from attempting to source a (yellow) submarine – in order to get from A to B on our daily commute – back to our general day to day work within the world of coffee.

So, imagine our delight when, first thing with a freshly brewed mug in hand, we read through a new piece of research that suggests that coffee could well protect against tinnitus.

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Coffee is booming in South Korea


Despite a long-held association with tea, the inhabitants of South Korea have quickly become infused with a passion for coffee and have begun to change their allegiance from leaf to bean.

According to numbers released by the Korea Customs Service, 120,000 tons of coffee was important into the country last year. The figure, a 7% rise when compared to 2012, puts the Asian nation as the seventh-largest importer of coffee in the world.

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Coffee a cause for complaint for hotel guests

Cup of coffee

What is one of the most common complaints about a hotel or bed and breakfast?

The cleanliness of the room perhaps?

One of the answers may surprise you: it’s coffee.

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After-hours coffee


Due to the prevalence of coffee shops on our nation’s high-street, the drink is typically associated with cappuccinos, lattes and, when the weather is nice, cold brews. However there is a trend that has been bubbling under the surface and that is the rise of the coffee cocktail.

At the moment the roles of the barista and the bartender have become intertwined somewhat. Due to the prominence of craft coffees, speciality beans and third-wave techniques, there’s now an added amount of theatre and ingenuity within the industry that, at one point, bartenders solely operated within. It’s only a matter of time before coffee cocktails are the go-to choice of drink after-hours.

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The cold coffee renaissance


With the temperatures up and summer in situ, the hottest thing at the moment is coffee.

Cold coffee.

Its popularity is gaining ground.

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Washington D.C to ban Styrofoam takeaway coffee cups

Styrofoam cups

Earlier on this week, the District of Columbia council took to their seats and voted. It was just like every other Tuesday in America’s capital. People outside carried on with their day flittering in and out of the office and coffee shops and the birds swooped and soared. The clouds gently floated by and the temperature hovered around 25°C: it was just like any other day.

However once the day’s voting was done, Styrofoam cups were no more: the Council decided to ban to ubiquitous cups. Washington now joins Seattle and San Francisco in forgoing the plastic foam for environmental reasons.

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BBQ Pork Ribs – Plum, coffee and chipotle.


There is something rare and beautiful about the weather that we have been experiencing for the past couple of days. The typically miserable summers that we are subjected to have been ditched, instead, they have been replaced by sun-drenched evenings and weekends that have lured people outside to enjoy a great British summer.

As we all know, as soon as the sun comes out so do the barbecues.

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