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Christmas Shop

Caffe Society Christmas Shop

From coffee to chocolate, syrups to biscuits and all things in-between, we’re running down the must-have items that your coffee shop or restaurant will need to bring in the custom this festive period.

It’s important to offer a wide range of drinks and accompaniments at this time of year. We’ve seen how important (and influential) the homely flavours of pumpkin spice and cinnamon are during Autumn, and that’s a trend that continues throughout the winter months.

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Can Coffee Help You Live Longer?


Nicolas Flamel was a French scribe who, if the legend is to be believed, discovered the Philosopher’s Stone. As well as being able to turn common, base metals in gold, the alchemical substance is also capable of extending one’s life. 

Flamel certainly did exist (he was born in the French commune of Pontoise and died, in 1418, in Paris), but there’s been no proof of the Philosopher’s Stone’s has ever been found.

However, a study, which was recently published in the journal Circulation, has found that people who drink a moderate amount of coffee tend to live longer.

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Coffee Farming in Northern Ireland?


Coffee is primarily grown in ‘The Bean Belt’, the colloquial term to the countries that lie between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. It is in this geographical area that the fruit thrives; the climate is the perfect mixture of warm and wet, and the terrain – think mountains, rolling hills, rich soils and plenty of forests and jungles – isn’t half bad either. Every single major coffee producing nation lies within the Bean Belt.

But all that could change in the near future if an experiment in Northern Ireland proves to be successful. A coffee company based in Lisburn has teamed up with David Patterson, a landscape gardener, to grow coffee plants in the country.

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Our Award-Winning Coffees


We sell some truly brilliant coffees.

It’s a line that you’d expect to be trotted out. Everybody likes to proclaim that their product is the best around and in that sense, we’re no different. But when we say that we sell some really great-tasting coffees, we aren’t lying: We have the awards to prove it.

Lately, we’ve sent a small sample of our selection of coffee beans off to the judges at the Great Taste Awards.

Known as the ‘Oscars of the food world’, this annual competition brings together leading lights of the food and beverage world to see which products are the best available and, therefore, worthy of being awarded Gold Star status.

The coffees below have all been bestowed with at least a gold star in recent Great Taste Awards. So as we said, don’t just take our word on the quality of our coffee! …continue reading Our Award-Winning Coffees

A Decaffeinated Coffee Shop: A Halloween Horror Story?


At the end of last week the baristas of one temporary coffee shop in New York served their last espresso and closed the doors of the one-time gas station. The coffee shop had signalled the onset of the apocalypse; was the embodiment of hipsterism gone mad; was a modern day horror story for Halloween, and could force the ‘city that never sleeps’ to get some much needed shut eye.

Worse than that, it was run by a couple of “Canadian weirdos”.

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Five Uses For Coffee Grounds


Don’t let your leftover coffee grind you down.

The United Kingdom creates some 500,000 tonnes of coffee waste per year according to reports. Unfortunately, the majority of those used grounds are put into the trash and make their way to landfill sites.

But we don’t need to throw these grinds away. Here are five different ways that you can put your grounds to good use, from the practical to the ingenious.

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Coffee: It’s all genetic

Coffee Bean Cup

Can you survive on one cup of coffee a day, or do you need to inhale a double espresso before you can contemplate leaving the house?

Does caffeine set your mind into overdrive, or do you generally feel more relaxed and alert?

Or, at a more basic level are you a coffee person or not?

Ultimately, the answer to those questions could be down to our genetic composition.

With nearly 60% of Americans admitting to have at least one cup of coffee per day, and countless people stressing that coffee is an integral part of their early morning ritual, Marilyn Cornelis looked into the facts of our long-standing relationship with coffee.

During her research, Cornelis, a nutrition scientist now affiliated with Northwestern University, found a couple of genetic indicators that appear to be linked to how people, either positively or negatively, react to coffee.

Over 120,000 coffee drinkers were analysed during the study and in total six slight genetic variations were found.

  • Two genes relate to how caffeine is metabolised
  • Two genes are associated with ‘reward mechanisms’ being activated due to caffeine consumption
  • Two genes that regulate fat and sugar in our bloodstreams respond to caffeine

As Cornelis explained to the Innovation Hub podcast; “Those who can quickly metabolise caffeine are consuming more.”

This is because they need to “maintain that drive or that psychostimulant effect that most of us connect with caffeine.”

So if you can metabolise caffeine and are predisposed to reward mechanisms then you are more likely to naturally drink more coffee.

Conversely, if someone is feeling anxious after consuming some coffee then the likelihood is that they will cut back and drink less because of their genetic disposition.

Indeed a previous study conducted by Neil Caporaso of the National Cancer Institute in Maryland has found that there are two particular bits of our DNA that are explicitly linked with a high intake of caffeine: The AHR string helps regulate a second string, CYP1A2, which helps determine how our body’s break caffeine down.  

2015 Brazilian Pulped Naturals: Piata Perfection

Brazil Cup of Excellence

Since its creation in 1999, the Cup of Excellence programme has helped create $137 million in value for the coffee industry in Brazil thanks to an increase and improvement of buyer and seller relations, direct trade, and the recent speciality boom that many coffee-drinking countries are currently experiencing. The report which released the estimated, conducted by TechnoServe, also suggested that Honduras was another significant beneficiary for the competition, with their industry receiving an additional $25 million.

Its release couldn’t have come at a better time for the Alliance for Coffee Excellence who were in the process of conducting what is perhaps their flagship event, the Brazilian Pulped Naturals. And overnight, the results were announced.

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Coffee Machine Servicing from Caffe Society


Looking after your commercial coffee machine is sound economy. There are, obviously, the general day-to-day cleaning routines which are to be carried out, but one of the soundest ways of keeping your machine ticking over and reducing maintenance bills is to schedule an annual service.

It goes without saying that coffee machines are expensive products, often packed with state of the art electronics and finely tuned plumbing systems that require care and as such, it is important to keep an eye on their performance.

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Create Seasonal Coffees with Sweetbird Syrups


What is it with autumn and certain flavours, specifically that of pumpkin spice and all things nice?

According to data from Twitter, the social media buzz surrounding pumpkins goes up numerous notches in August and runs right through autumn and the festive period before gradually dying down in the New Year.

Psychologically, we’re in a situation where we’re effectively pre-programmed for warm, comforting flavours too at this time of year. As Jonah Berger notes, “autumn has become a trigger for pumpkin, apple, cinnamon and other homely flavours. When the season comes around, [people] are immediately reminded of [them] and want to try it.”

And then after the leaves have turned red, fallen by the wayside and the snow sets in, our preferences shift to mulled spices and gingerbread: It’s a natural reaction and one that you should be attuned to if you want to maximise the profitability of your coffee shop or café during the busy festive period.

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