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Meringue coffee


As far as mental coffee concoctions are concerned, we haven’t had many new ‘innovations’ for what seems like an age.

With the blue algae latte, deconstructed coffee and even wasabi latte being three of our most recent favourite entries into the thanks, “but, no thanks” category in recent memory.

But the addition of the meringue coffee to the world is an experience we think we could really rally behind…

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Society Install: The Falklands Centre, Catterick Garrison


It’s not often that you get the opportunity to provide hot drinks to the troops of the British Army!

Luckily for us we were contacted by representatives of the Falklands Centre at the Catterick Garrison to provide them with a brand new espresso machine as part of a complete refurbishment of the facilities.

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Society Spotlight: The Harbour Hub Cafe, Rhyl


Sheltered within Rhyl’s picturesque harbour, the aptly named Harbour Hub Cafe is a coffee shop that provides support, jobs and life skills for people with Learning Difficulties in the North Wales region.

The cafe is run alongside a number of businesses within the region, by Prestatyn-based Co-Options, all of which provide work opportunities to those with learning disabilities. …continue reading Society Spotlight: The Harbour Hub Cafe, Rhyl

The cheapest cities in the world for a cup of coffee


An independent study into the worldwide costs of a cup of coffee has found that Rio de Janiero and Sao Paulo have the lowest average prices per cup anywhere on the planet.

This might come as no surprise, with Brazil being one of the world’s largest importers of beans on the planet.

Unfortunately for us Britons, a 10,000 mile round-trip is not likely to be on the cards anytime soon… …continue reading The cheapest cities in the world for a cup of coffee

Society Training: Single Shot Coffee, Leeds


Craft beers and craft coffee don’t tend to come as a pair too often, and they probably should, but Single Shot coffee on Leeds’ Central Road aims to change that in the coming months.

The team from Single Shot came down to our base to get taught in all the tricks of the Barista trade, with our resident expert, Dominico.

With over 50 years of coffee experience, there is nobody better to teach the art of finely crafted coffee, than our one and only Italian. …continue reading Society Training: Single Shot Coffee, Leeds

Coffee around the World: Rüdesheimer Kaffee


Hailing from the German wine-making town of Rüdesheim am Rhein, which of course sits on the banks of one of Germany’s largest rivers, the Rhein.

The Rüdesheimer Kaffee was created by a famous German TV chef during the 1950s, it has grown to become one of the most popular drinks in coffee hours across Germany.

You could say the Rüdesheimer Kaffee is Germany’s answer to the Irish coffee…not that the question was ever posed…

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Society Spotlight: The Coffee Shed, Filey


Nestled up in the North East of Yorkshire, The Coffee Shed is one of Filey’s coastal coffee gems.

Starting out as just a single mobile coffee van, the business has flourished due in part to a solid business plan, savvy market awareness, a little bit of luck and of course a love for all things coffee.

The ‘Shed’ itself is cosy, inviting, with a a dash of quaint styling that differentiate it from other coffee shops in the surrounding area. …continue reading Society Spotlight: The Coffee Shed, Filey

The maths of the perfect coffee


Mathematicians in the United States are claiming to have found the formula for perfect drip filter coffee, via some complex calculations and of course drinking plenty of coffee.

Brewing the so-called ‘perfect coffee’ is a little subjective surely? We all have different tastes, but we’ll humour these boffins for a little bit as they’ve put a serious amount of time and effort into their research.

These findings could help us all make better drip coffee, by applying a more scientific and precise approach. …continue reading The maths of the perfect coffee

Coffee around the World: Karsk


Scandinavia knows how to enjoy their coffee, but they also like their alcohol.

Karsk (also called Kask) is a coffee cocktail of traditional coffee mixed with moonshine or vodka, sometimes with a spoon of sugar.

If you’re thinking of a way to really put some fire in your belly, then we can’t think of many other ways to really get you going in a morning! …continue reading Coffee around the World: Karsk

Stay well this winter: Have more hot drinks


It’s no secret that it gets colder during this time of year, unfortunately we as a species – despite our best efforts with global warming – cannot control the climate or weather systems. Which is probably for the best!

Cold weather can have a major effect on the health of a nation, and if anyone is directly affected by this, it’s the NHS.

So in their infinite health-giving wisdom, the NHS have given out guidance, in which they recommend we drink more hot drinks to keep ourselves healthy this winter…we couldn’t agree more.

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