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Franke Flair Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

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Quick Overview

Up to 100 cups/day

Free Milk fridge, case of coffee, sugar sticks and hot chocolate

5 Year Service Care included with this product

Product Description

The ultimate machine when it comes to usability and flavour, Franke’s Flair, provides the perfect coffee experience if you favour quality over quantity.

Combine the features detailed below with a production time of less than sixty seconds and the Flair showcases just why it is one of the most popular and adaptable machines that is available on the market.

Operating Panel

With a sleekly designed ergonomic operating panel, the display unit of the Flare matches the aesthetic qualities of the entire unit. The LCD screen enables customers to select one of eight different product buttons for coffee and milk, meaning that this machine is suitable for, and can be found in, a variety of establishments from the catering industry through to golf clubs and may more locations in between.

Customised Settings

The Flair’s versatility means that water, coffee and milk quantities can all be set individually in order to create numerous products that can be offered at any one time. The reprogramming function is itself a simple procedure enabling users to continuously alter and develop the pre-sets at the touch of a button making it a versatile tool fit for all locations.

Dispenser Area/Operating Area

With a steplessly height-adjustable coffee/milk dispenser (75mm-150mm), you will be able to use all manner of popular sized cups and containers with the Franke Flair. This dispenser is very easy to dismantle and is dishwasher friendly.


The integrated cleaning system is automated which not only assists with the overall care of the machine, but also guarantees that the quality of every cup remains high from the first one of the day, to the last.


  • 9oz cup takes 30-45 secs
  • 8 drinks selections
  • Can produce 2 black coffees (espresso/americano) at once
  • Needs cleaning / refilling every 40 drinks (approx)
  • Tank fed (no need to plumb although can be plumbed if required)
  • 2 high-precision grinders with direct grinding
  • Controlled quantity of hot water output
  • Steam dispenser for separate milk heating
  • Operating panel with 10 product buttons including hot water and steam button
  • Fully electronic control board with illuminated LCD
  • Individual programming of the water, ground coffee and milk quantity for each product
  • Automatic rinsing, cleaning and descaling programme for coffee and milk unit
  • Dry coffee grounds ejected into tray, with overfill safeguard


  • Dimensions: w423mm, d542mm, h523mm
  • Weight - 20 kg
  • Electrical connection: 1— 230 V AC, 2.3 kW, 10 A
  • Water tank – 5.5l
  • Drip tray capacity - 1.5l; fixed drain (optional)
  • Bean container: 2 x 250g
  • Grounds container: 40
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Available Deals

Package worth £1500
Free Package
  • 1 Milk fridge
  • 1 Case coffee beans (6kg)
  • 1000 Sugar Sticks
  • 1 Case Premium Hot Chocolate
  • Free delivery
  • Self install
  • 12 months parts warranty
Package worth £1500
Complete Package
  • 1000 Cups worth of premium coffee beans (1 case - 6 kg)
  • 1000 Sugar sticks
  • 1 Case premium hot chocolate
  • 1 Twinings teas, mixed pack and display stand
  • 1 Chocolate sprinkle
  • 1 Case coffee biscuits
  • 6 Cappuccino cups and saucers
  • 6 Espresso cups and saucers
  • 6 Latte glasses
  • 1 Cleaning materials pack
  • Point of sale material
  • 1 Milk fridge
  • Free delivery
  • Installation & training
  • 12 months onsite parts and labour warranty