Astoria Plus 4 You TS Coffee Machine

Astoria's flagship machine, the Plus 4 You TS features a new touchscreen and Green Line technology that can deliver energy savings of nearly 50%*. Available with an automatic steam arm

3 year warranty * conditions apply
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Package Worth £8500

Models and Pricing

Model Price From Weekly From
2 Group Pro £7,235 £49.99
3 Group Pro £8,070 £55.99
4 Group Pro £8,995 £62.49
2 Group Autosteam £7,870 £54.49
3 Group Autosteam £8,875 £61.49
4 Group Autosteam £9,775 £67.49


  • A world championship machine - The Plus 4 You TS is the official espresso machine of the World Latte Art Championships.
  • Touchscreen control - Thanks to the Colour Touch Display, baristas can alter temperature settings, adjust power modes and monitor the extraction process. Complete control is at your fingertips.
  • Green Line energy savings - Its intelligent management system can reduce energy usage by 47.6%
  • Multi-boiler brewing - Individual group and steam boilers ensure quality and consistency during extraction
  • Smart coffee - The machine is capable of delivering real-time feedback to the barista while monitoring the brewing process.
  • Adaptable and precise - You can tailor the Plus 4 You TS to suit individual blends, allowing you to serve the perfect espresso time and time again.
  • Tall cup model - Never encounter an issue with cup size again. The Astoria Plus 4 You allows you to use taller cups without hassle.
  • Two adjustable steam arms - Access machine steam arms with ease and flexibility.
  • Hot water tap - Make a wider range of drinks without need for a separate boiler.
  • Large capacity cup warmer - Keeps cups warm without excess power usage. Perfect for when the weather cools off.
  • Dedicated steam boiler - Always ready to produce piping hot steam.
  • Dynamic design - Eye-catching design that instantly attracts attention, the Plus 4 You is the flagship coffee machine on the market.
  • Italian made espresso machine - 100% Italian crafted. Astoria's engineers ensure the finest craftmanship.
  • USB port - Save and share settings between machines and perfect your coffee like never before.
  • Pop-out stands - Perfect for holding cups in place with little fuss.


  • Plus 4 You Pro: 2 standard steam arms, perfect for professionals who prefer manual control at all times
  • Plus 4 You Autosteam: 1 automatic steam arm (capable of independently heating and frothing milk to a predetermined temperature) and 1 standard steam arm.


  • Black
  • Red and black
  • White


The Astoria Plus 4 You TS is the latest generation of Astoria’s flagship espresso machine.

Over four decades’ worth of experience, innovation and Italian engineering have been channelled into the creation of the Plus 4 You TS, and the result is an extremely smart and adaptive machine - one that puts the world of espresso at your fingertips.

The World's Best Latte Art

A truly flagship espresso machine, the Astoria Plus 4 You TS is the official machine of the World Latte Art Championships, with barista's utilising the unique power capabilities offered by this exceptional machine.

Astoria World Latte Art Championship official sponsor

Organised by World Coffee Events and founded by the Speciality Coffee Associations of Europe (SCAE) and America (SCAA), this tournament attracts the world’s best baristas.

Powerful, consistent steam output provides baristas with the toolset to create truly exquisite latte art, this machine has all the tools to create Championship-winning milk-based speciality coffee.

Touchscreen Flexibility

Thanks to Astoria’s intelligent brewing technologies, the machine is capable of monitoring every shot and providing real-time feedback to the user.

Control is paramount with the machine and the biggest improvement that Astoria has made is with the introduction of a Colour Touch Display.

This touchscreen allows users to have complete control over the brewing process by giving them the ability to alter water and group head temperatures as and when necessary.

The steam boiler, the water reservoirs and the electronic control system all allow for independent operation of each group.

With the Plus 4 You it's incredibly easy to:

  • program the coffee water tank temperature for each single group
  • program the pressure of the steam
  • continuously and constantly produce steam with a dedicated boiler
  • guarantee only the minimum temperature variations of the coffee water (max. +/- 1°C) compared to the set value

Making espresso coffee has never been this easy or intuitive.

Revolutionary Energy Efficiency

As well as being a simple-to-use control point, the touchscreen displays vital statistics such as weekly, monthly and annual drink charts and energy usage.

The Plus 4 You is also part of Astoria’s Green Line, a range of coffee machines that have a low environmental impact and can reduce energy consumption by a massive 47.6%* compared to other models.

All of this is made possible thanks to the machine’s innovative software, which is capable of regulating power usage, and by activating standby modes during quieter periods of the working day.

As well as the above features, the machine has an electronically controlled cup heater, raised groups – to accommodate a wide range of cup sizes - and a visible LED illuminated work area.

There is also a USB port, which allows site managers and baristas to save and share settings and brewing parameters across different machines.

Eye-catching Ergonomic Design

Instantly recognisable, the Astoria Plus 4 You TS comes in a whole host of colours options to suit any coffee shop.

Edges are softened, with the ergonomics of coffee playing an integral part of why the Plus 4 You remains one of the flagship coffee machines throughout the industry.

Dynamic lines and considered curves are accented by soft lighting to truly draw attention to your prize coffee machine, the Plus 4 You TS begs to be placed in the most prominent of positions within your coffee shop.

Consulting the modern barista, Astoria used the information gleaned to help craft a machine that is not only powerful but where a barista feels at home.

Ergonomic handles are curved for barista comfort, with the keypad and touchscreen being placed in a position that when situated makes it easier to monitor, programme and utilise the advanced features of this unique machine.

Operation is made incredibly simple when accessibility is made easy, the engineers at Astoria have understood why this is such an important aspect of a flagship espresso machine such as this.

Team with a high-quality coffee grinder and this is one of the most exceptional and innovative coffee machines on the market at any price point.

*Certified by Intertek – ETL SEMKO, an independent organisation involved in safety testing and product certification.


2 Group
Boiler Capacity 8 litre + 2 x 1.2 litre
Power 4700W
Voltage 230V
Amps 20.5A
Weight 84kg
Dimensions(mm) W835 x D565 x H575
3 Group
Boiler Capacity 13 litre + 3 x 1.2 litre
Power 6700W
Voltage 230V
Amps 29.2A
Weight 104kg
Dimensions(mm) W1075 x D565 x H575
4 Group
Boiler Capacity 13 litre + 4 x 1.2 litre
Power 7700W
Voltage 230V
Amps 33.5A
Weight 124kg
Dimensions(mm) W1315 x D565 x H575


This video is of the standard Plus 4 You and will be updated in the near future.


Coffee Worth £8500

Full Package Deal Includes:

  • 1 Mazzer Super Jolly SJM coffee grinder or a professional on-demand coffee grinder
  • 4250 cups worth of premium coffee beans - (5 cases - 30kg)
  • 2000 sugar sticks
  • 1 case premium hot chocolate
  • 1 mixed pack of Twinings teas
  • 1 chocolate sprinkle
  • 1 case coffee biscuits
  • 6 assorted Sweetbird syrups
  • 24 cappuccino cups & saucers **
  • 12 espresso cups & saucers **
  • 24 latte glasses **
  • ** or 2 cases of takeaway cups and lids instead of crockery and glasses above
  • 1 Barista kit
  • 1 knock out drawer
  • Cleaning materials
  • 1 calcium treatment unit (water filter)
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Basic Barista training
  • Point of sale material
  • 12 month onsite parts & labour warranty

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