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Bespoke Sugar Sticks

Bespoke Sugar Sticks

Bespoke White and Brown Sugar sticks

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Increase the exposure of your company and reinforce branding with the introduction of bespoke products, such as these sugar sticks.

Each sugar stick will contain an individual portion or either brown or white high quality sugar in easy to use and recyclable packaging. What is printed on that packaging however is up to you.

Custom printed products are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to promote your business, bolster brand recognition to customers and spread awareness to the general public. And it isn't just sugar that you can order in customised packaging, we can also work alongside your to produce bespoke coffee, crockery and disposables such as napkins.


  • Is there a minimum order requirement?
  • Yes. The minimum order is twenty cases each of white and brown sugar (1000 sticks per case).
  • Okay, that's fine. What is the average wait then from order to delivery?
  • The time can vary, but goods typically get dispatched within eight weeks.
  • What about if I order again?
  • We hope you do! Any further orders should reach you within a month
  • Great stuff. But I have to ask, is there an initial set up cost?
  • Yes, the cost will be depend on the amount of colours you want to use in your design.


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