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Blendtec Blenders & Accessories

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Blendtec Blenders and Smoothie Makers

Blender specialists, Blendtec have introduced a new way to enjoy cold coffee drinks and more with their Cold Foam system.

Blendtec blenders have become the foodservice industry standard due to their reliability, consistency and even top class marketing.

Featuring incredible power, easy to use control system and some of the highest output motors and some of the safest blades — it should come as no surprise that Blendtec are the World's leading commercial blender manufacturer.

Increased Options - Greater Margins

If you're considering improving your drinks menu, then the addition of a quality blender or smoothie maker could be the best value business decision you ever have to make.

By investing in blenders and smoothie makers you are able to add another level of quality to your drinks menu, giving customers a proper choice of quality cold drinks to satisfy their tastebuds.

Perfect for the summer months, or even as a health-conscious sweet drink option for many, most commercial blenders come with pre-programmable settings that are easy to use and a doddle to clean.

Incredibly easy to use, you can whip up a whole host of quality cold drinks that cost little to make and offer the chance of incredible returns.

We trust only BlendTec, and their fantastic range of blenders to help you make some of the best mixed drinks and dishes available.

Combine several superb fruit flavours into one colourful drink with the simple addition of a smoothie maker or top-notch commercial blender from Caffe Society.

Make everything from frappes to frozen coffees and even blend soups, we can't think of many more versatile pieces of catering equipment to have on hand in your coffee shop.

Quiet Operation - Quality Results

Innovators in all aspects of blending technology, Blendtec have designed and creating some of the quietest blending units to help keep volume to a minimum even when making a plethora of blended options.

The addition of the sound enclosure helps reduce noise by up to 10 decibels, meaning a safer and quieter working environment for your staff and a more pleasant experience for your customers.

A blendtec blender is made from heavy duty, long lasting materials - it's no wonder we have chosen the American manufacturer as our blender supplier of choice.

Durable and Safe

Blendtec blender blades are made of cold forged and hardened steel - up to 80% thicker and 10 times stronger than most other blender blades.

They are also specifically designed to be dull rather than sharp - which works due to the blunt design pulverizing virtually anything. This feature also makes the blender completely safe to clean too.

To speak to a member of our team about how you could benefit from the addition of a commercial blender, then please call 01977 687 580 to get started today.

Call us today on 01977 687580

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