Jura CLARIS Pro Blue Water Filter (71702)

Official Jura water filter (Product code: 71702)

For usage with Jura GIGA X8 & XJ9 coffee machines

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Code: 71702
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Protect your Jura coffee machine from the buildup of limescale and other impurities with the aid of a CLARIS Pro Blue water filter.

Made by the Swiss manufacturer specifically for their GIGA X8 and XJ9 range of bean to cup coffee machines, these cartridges are pH neutral and contain a mineral which stabilises calcium carbonate, the compound which contributes to the buildup of scale, actively protecting the internal plumbing system from becoming blocked with limescale and other similar deposits.

That's not all though, these cartridges filter out unwelcome aromas and impurities from the machine's water supply. Placed directly into the water tank, the CLARIS Pro Blue ensures that the water used to produce your espressos and make your coffees is of the best quality it can be - an important factor for the quality of your drinks given that an espresso is roughly 98% water!

    • Quantity: 1
    • pH neutral cartridge
    • For use with the XJ9 and GIGA X8 machines
    • Specially designed by Jura for Jura