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Speciality Coffee

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Speciality Coffee Beans

Meet our superb range of superb single origin and micro-lot coffees

These beans are something special: Grown on small scale plantations in some of the best farming regions on the planet, these varieties have delicate characteristics and specific and complex flavours that are there to be savoured.

Aside from being some of the finest coffees available today, our collection of micro-lot coffee beans helps further develop the relationship between farmer, barista and home brewer. These are a premium product, one that can help revolutionise your business or simply liven up your home brewed coffee.

We work in close partnership with a number of suppliers and farmers in order to procure only the best available varieties on a seasonal basis. Once we take delivery of the beans, they are stored and roasted just prior to delivery, ensuring that you'll always receive a bag that's bursting with enticing aromas and a world of flavour.

In our opinion these speciality offerings are typically enjoyed best as an espresso or as a filter coffee though some are more-than-suitable for use in milk-based drinks. But that said, check each individual product listing to find out tailored brewing information and instructions.

But be warned: Because of factors such as a limited availability and changing climatic conditions, each individual variety will not be available all year round! Once they're gone, they're gone - so it's worthwhile being quick to grab a truly gourmet bean for your machine.

Flavour profiles

Before you venture onwards, it is worth ensuring that you take your first step from secure foundations.

Just like wine, the climate and soil conditions can mould the flavour of a coffee. Whilst individual nuances will vary from variety to variety, farm to farm and plot to plot, some generalities and common bean flavour profile traits can be made from its origin.

For example; offerings from Sumatra are typically rich and earthy, whilst those from Ethiopia will normally showcase distinct floral and fruity properties.

As an overview, here are some general flavour profiles by country/region:

  • South American: Nutty flavours with a toffee or caramel sweetness
  • Central America: Bright, zesty and packed with fruit
  • Ethiopian: Floral aromas complemented by fruity flavours
  • Kenyan: Slightly acidic with notes of lemon and blackcurrant
  • Indonesian: Rich, earthy, full of body and slightly chocolatey
  • Indian: Generally mild, but with a notable hint of honey

As with everything, there will always be exceptions to the rules—meaning even coffees from the region taste profile may have flavour features of other nations.

So, where in the world will your tastebuds take you?

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