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Dinkum Shmoo Milkshake Blender Takeaway Package

Dinkum Shmoo Milkshake Blender Takeaway Package

Get ready to serve up the coolest drinks in the world

Dinkum Shmoo blender, milkshake mix and much more

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Are you ready to start selling some the coolest drinks in the world?

This Dinkum Shmoo Milkshake Blender package contains everything that you will need to start whipping up and serving the increasingly popular line of Shmoo thickshakes, a milkshake experience unlike any other.

Virtually fat free, suitable for vegetarians, devoid of any GMOs and gluten free, these are a guilt option that will expand and enhance your beverage menu - and they're loved by (big) kids!

The starter pack contains:

  • Dinkum Milkshake Blender - A compact and easy to clean commercial drinks blender, designed solely for use with Shmoo products
  • Three 1.8kg Shmoo Fresh Shakes Mix - Strawberry, Chocolate and Banana - Enough for aprox 300 servings
  • Assorted Shmoo toppings - Chocolate fruit crispies, milk chocolate blossoms and micro-marshmallows
  • Point of sale material - Display boards designed to attract and promote

*Please note that 20oz cups also available, but please call prior to your order to check availability.


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