Jura CLARIS White Water Filter (60209)

Jura water cartridge (Product code: 60209)

Compatible with the XS9

Hard on scale yet soft on your machine

Code: 60209
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Did you know that your espressos are comprised of around 98% water? Therefore, it's important to ensure that you're using the best quality of water possible when making your range of drinks. By using a Jura CLARIS White water filter in your Jura, you can improve the standard of your water and protect your coffee machine in one fell swoop.

Designed by Jura for Jura bean to cup machines, a CLARIS White cartridge gives you three important benefits: First, they ensure that water is freshly filtered. Secondly, they work to remove unwanted aromas. And, thirdly, they provide long-term protection against limescale.

  • Quantity: 1
  • pH neutral cartridge
  • For use with the Impressa XS9
  • Official Jura product