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Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II Coffee Machine

Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II Coffee Machine

Featuring a whole host of options for the professional barista, the Aurelia II picks up where the original left off by providing a full suite of process refining espresso machine additions.

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Package Worth £8500

Models and Pricing

Model Price From Weekly From
2 Group Semi Automatic £3,595 £24.99
2 Group Volumetric Dosage £4,195 £28.99
2 Group Digital Screen £5,275 £36.49
3 Group Semi Automatic £4,045 £27.99
3 Group Volumetric Dosage £4,795 £33.49
3 Group Digital Screen £5,945 £41.49
All 4 Group Models P.O.A. P.O.A.
All T³ Models P.O.A. P.O.A.


  • 4 Models - Available in Semi-automatic, Volumetric Dosage, T³ and Digital Screen variants.
  • PID System - Water temperature is automatically regulated, with the inbuilt system making changes in real-time for even more consistent extraction and the perfect espresso.
  • Raised groups  - Tall cup allows for larger cups to be used and even the classic takeaway cups used in many coffee shops.
  • Ergonomic design - Key design choices ensure that the Aurelia II is not only incredibly easy to manage, but simple to operate and keep clean.
  • Automatic cleaning  - Allows for independent automatic cleaning of each individual group. Washing and operating hours can be carried out simultaneously - no need to wait until closing time.
  • Soft Infusion System  - Helps provide superior extractions by pre-infusing the ground coffee without pressure before the pressurised extraction process begins for amazing flavours.
  • Reverse mirror  - Allows the barista to see the extraction process directly without ever having to bend down or strain, meaning more accurate results.
  • Lever-operated steam wands - Froth milk quickly, easily and precisely with the lever-operated insulated steam wands.
  • Cool-Touch steam wand - Helps prevent burns and keeps the barista safe with insulated steam arms that are always cool to the touch even during usage. These also include Nano Technology coating which prevents encrustation of milk when the
  • Hot water tap included as standard

Model Specific Features

Volumetric / Digit / T³
  • Automatic dosage control - Programme the dosage for each type of coffee based upon your own preference for added coffee control.
Digit / T³
  • TFT display - Controlled by a retro-inspired rotary dial system, and with a brightly lit colour screen, monitoring, adjusting and controlling this machine has never been easier.
  • T³ Technology - Helps to vastly enhance the quality of extracted espresso via completely separate control of temperature during key brewing phases.


  • Easy Cream Steam wand* - Tangential holes and a unique design help create perfect milk foam with absolute ease, not matter your barista ability level (only available on T³ and Digit variants).
  • LED lighting - Get a true indication of when your milk is done using the milk LED for added foaming control and perfect milk every time.
  • Colours - Black / Red / White configurable options are all available to suit your brand identity or establishment interior design scheme.

*Not available on Semi-automatic model

  • Black
  • Red
  • White

Combining power, precision and inch-perfect engineering in one glorious unit, the Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II provides your coffee shop with both traditional coffee making and future-proof espresso solutions.

Designed and crafted in Italy, the Aurelia II picks up right where the original Aurelia left off, providing the finest espresso imaginable without compromising on the finer details and nuances of Italian coffee heritage.

Technology and heritage combine, with a whole host of technically advanced inclusions that make this is a truly exceptional piece of precision engineering.

This latest update of the popular Aurelia model comes in 4 distinct models and flavours, all of which have a distinct feature-set for refined coffee making.

Semi Automatic

Aurelia II semi automatic

Simple, quality coffee making, the Semi Automatic allows full control over the extraction process. Press to start brewing and then stop when you're happy.

This model is stripped down to coffee-making in its simplest form, no smart functions, no digital display, allowing the barista and machine to work in symbiosis. 


Aurelia II Volumetric

The industry standard, Aurelia's Volumetric Dosage model allows for quick and easy brewing by providing you the pre-programmed dosages to create espressos, double espresso and lungos.

For consistency, you are able to alter dosages to suit your blend or style of coffee, resulting in a much more consistent cup of coffee, keeping customers and busy baristas incredibly happy.


Aurelia II Digit model

Includes a multifunctional graphical TFT display screen controlled by a retro-inspired 'Rotary dial switch' for easy programming and operation.

Smart functions can be accessed such as daily on-off programmable settings, auto-diagnostics for self-solving troubleshooting, alarm settings, cup warmer management, steam adjustment and so much more.

Simple and smart, this machine simultaneously gives control whilst making it devilishly simple to manage and monitor shot time, boiler pressure and energy-saving modes.

Aurelia II t3 model

By including the innovative Three-dimensional Temperature Technology, this is the flagship model in the Aurelia II lineup.

The T³ includes all Digit model options alongside a few key features not found such as brewing temperature management, group temperature control giving you the power to tailor everything to your exact desire.

World Championship Espresso

Aurelia II digital screen control system

The flagship Nuova Simonelli unit, it's no wonder that the Aurelia II was the official machine of the World Barista Championships from 2012-2014, such is the trust in the Italian brand and this exceptional espresso machine.

This is a machine truly dedicated to meet the demands of the professional barista by guaranteeing accurate, repeatable results with every single brewing cycle.

Nuova Simonelli's incredible history and industry innovation is instantly evident within this commanding coffee machine.

A whole host of advanced and common features combine to help the barista work in true symbiosis with the Aurelia II, a true hallmark of Nuova Simonelli and their true understanding of the world of the coffee artist.

Shaping the 'World of Coffee' since 1936

Few companies can claim to have had such an integral position within their industry as Nuova Simonelli have, having crafted and exported espresso machines since 1936.

Over the past 80 years the company has been at the very forefront of espresso, and with the Aurelia II they have continued to innovate and lead the way.

Helping create solutions for the working barista, Simonelli have always listened to feedback from the coffee shops they seek to provide for.

Advanced Feature Coffee Making

Always at the cusp of industry technological advancements, truly advanced brewing technology is crammed into all models of the Aurelia II.

Digit, Volumetric and T³ technology models take the traditional coffee machine to a much more precise and refined position.

These additions help elevate the latest Aurelia above the competition if you are considering a coffee machine upgrade.

Three-dimensional Temperature Technology

T3 Technology

Revolutionising the world of espresso, T³ technology helps offer a new solution to temperature instability within a standard coffee machine.

T³, meaning three-dimensional temperature, provides baristas with the ability to adapt to the characteristic of each coffee and guarantee excellent, personalised results in the cup.

Designed with flexibility and accuracy in mind, the technology allows barista control on a wholly different level: independently set primary boiler, group boiler and group head temperatures to ensure pinpoint control during extraction.

These features provide the gifted barista with the ability to create world class espresso with truly unique extraction tailored for your finest ground beans.

Milk Made Easy

Easy Cream steam wand

The true foundation of the perfect cappuccino is always the barista's ability to create the smoothest and creamiest milk.

Adding an optional Easy Cream* steam nozzle allows for the creation of defined milk for those who have not quite reached the expert levels, or if time does not allow for intense attention by highly trained staff.

Tangential holes at different angles help get the milk rotating, the key to high quality foamed milk, the steam wand then heats the milk to just the right temperature for luxurious cappuccinos, lattes and all kinds of speciality coffee.

Consistent and incredibly tasty, the result is the same exceptional quality foamed milk with the touch of a button with every single usage.

 *Only available on Digit and T³ models

Cool Touch Classic Coffee

Steam arms come with Nuova Simonelli's patented Cool Touch system for barista confidence and safety when making barista-quality foamed milk.

Featuring a Nano Tech coating, the encrustation of milk commonly associated with steam wands is negated and the risk lowered.

Scalding, burning and the minor ailments that plague machines of the not-so-distant past are instantly made a memory, say goodbye to that age-old annoyance.

Digitally Refined Espresso

Aurelia II digital screen control system

For added control and intuitive extraction, the Digit and T³ models come complete with a large touchscreen control system for diagnostic management of a whole host of key coffee machine features.

Featuring programmable daily on-off, self-diagnosis, double counting, alarms, PID, energy settings, cup warming management and a whole host of other advanced options; this could be one of the most powerful but user-friendly additions to any coffee machine yet.

This bright colour TFT display uses an attractive retro-inspired rotary dial that doesn't detract from the classic-inspired aesthetics of the Aurelia.

Monitor key system features and adjust settings directly, including (but not just limited to):

  • Shot brew timings
  • Brewing temperature - T³ model only
  • Group temperature - T³ model only
  • Boiler pressure
  • Pre-infusion settings
  • Energy consumption data

The Ergonomics of Coffee

The end-user is just as important as the coffee machine itself, your coffee need due care and attention to be the best it can be, which means your barista needs to be comfortable in their surrounds and with your machine.

Reaffirming their dedication to the barista, this is immediately evident by the host of ergonomic and usability features included in this latest iteration of the Aurelia.

Group handles are conical in shape for easy gripping and wielding when crafting espresso-based drinks, whilst the filter holders are angled for even greater control.

Reverse mirrors allow for management and monitoring when placing group handles back into the group head, with push and pull levers giving steam wand fine tuning capabilities unmatched by dials or buttons.

It's clear that with Aurelia II, Nuova Simonelli is a barista-first espresso machine manufacturer.

Aurelia II coffee machine colour options

Compare models

  Semi-automatic Volumetric Digit
No. of Groups 2 / 3 / 4 2 / 3 / 4 2 / 3 / 4 2 / 3
Colour Black / Red / White Black / Red / White Black / Red / White Black / Red / White
T³ Technology Not included Not included Not included Included as standard
Raised Group (tall cup) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automated dosage control No Yes Yes Yes
LCD Display No No Yes


Cool Touch Nano Tech steam wand Yes Yes Yes


Smart Functions No No Yes Yes
Auto cleaning Yes Yes Yes Yes
Easy Cream steam wand (optional) No Yes Yes (x 2) Yes
LED milk light (optional) Yes Yes Yes Yes

If you would like to learn more about this coffee machine or are interested in upgrading your current coffee solution, then please call our sales team on 01977 867 580 to find out how you can get started.


  Version Dimensions (mm) Power Voltage Rating Boiler capacity Net Weight
2 Group              


815w x 565h x 565d 4500W 230V 25A 14-litre 76kg


815w x 565h x 565d 4500W 230V 25A 14-litre 76kg
  Volumetric 815w x 565h x 565d 4500W 230V 25A 14-litre 76kg
  T3 815w x 565h x 565d 7200W 230V 40A 14-litre 78kg
3 Group              


1045w x 565h x 565d 5200W 230V 29A 17-litre 90kg
  Digit 1045w x 565h x 565d 5200W 230V 29A 17-litre 90kg


1045w x 565h x 565d 5200W 230V 29A 17-litre 90kg


1045w x 565h x 565d 9100W 230V 50A 17-litre 93kg
4 Group              
  Semi-Automatic 1275w x 565h x 565d 5200W 230V 29A 22-litre 106kg
  Digit 1275w x 565h x 565d 5200W 230V 29A 22-litre 106kg
  Volumetric 1275w x 565h x 565d 5200W 230V 29A 22-litre 106kg


Coffee Worth £8500

Full Package Deal Includes:

  • 1 Mazzer Super Jolly SJM coffee grinder or a professional on-demand coffee grinder
  • 4250 cups worth of premium coffee beans - (5 cases - 30kg)
  • 2000 sugar sticks
  • 1 case premium hot chocolate
  • 1 mixed pack of Twinings teas
  • 1 chocolate sprinkle
  • 1 case coffee biscuits
  • 6 assorted Sweetbird syrups
  • 24 cappuccino cups & saucers **
  • 12 espresso cups & saucers **
  • 24 latte glasses **
  • ** or 2 cases of takeaway cups and lids instead of crockery and glasses above
  • 1 Barista kit
  • 1 knock out drawer
  • Cleaning materials
  • 1 calcium treatment unit (water filter)
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Basic Barista training
  • Point of sale material
  • 12 month onsite parts & labour warranty

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