Nuova Simonelli Talento Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

User-friendly and fitted with numerous professional features, the Nuova Simonelli Talento delivers outstanding performance and an exceptional range of popular coffee shop favourites.

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Package Worth £8500


  • Thermocompensated metal group - Unlike most bean to cup models, the Nuova Simonelli Talento features a die cast metal brewing group that’s powerful, efficient, reliable and akin to those found on traditional espresso machines.
  • Designed and built in Italy - By working alongside numerous academic institutions throughout their 75+ year history, Nuova Simonelli has become of the most influential and recognised manufacturer of coffee machines not just in Italy, but in the entire world.
  • One simple process, two drinks - Create two drinks at once. Just select, set and serve.
  • Enhanced software - Equipped with Nuova Simonelli’s new, state of the art software, users can micromanage settings and make multiple drinks from a solitary command.
  • Practical, adaptable and talented - The Talento can suit any and all environments and preferences. The menu can be altered to feature location-specific favourites and an adjustable spout can accommodate larger sized takeaway cups.
  • Programmable pre-infusion
  • Two 64mm grinders
  • Adjustable spout
  • 2 stainless steel boilers
  • Volumetric dosing
  • LCD Display
  • USB port
  • Twin tamping settings
  • Decaffeinated/ground coffee chute
  • Automatic cleaning cycle
  • Electronic drinks counter
  • Steam arm
  • Hot water tap
  • Suitable for 100 to 500 cups a day
Drinks per day
  • 100-500 cups per day
Water Supply
  • Mains connection required

Also available: Nuova Simonelli Talento Plus

The Nuova Simonelli Talento Plus has an Easy Cream steam arm in place of the standard steam arm.
Featuring electronic temperature control to take the guess work out of your milk foaming.
Extra £590
Special order - 8 weeks lead time

Nuova Simonelli Talento Plus with close up of Easy Cream steam wand

Why choose Nuova Simonelli?

Ever since Orlando Simonelli founded the company in 1936, Nuova Simonelli has been at the forefront of the coffee machine industry. Well known for their original and professional machines, the group has, since 2008, been an official supplier and technical partner of the World Barista Championships.

Highly regarded for their premium range of espresso equipment, the company has also made waves with their bean to cup models and have brought the same technological advancement and ingenuity associated with their traditional units to their super automatic machines.


Remove waiting times and increase quality with the installation of the Talento automatic coffee machine, a market leading bean to cup coffee machine from the world renowned manufacturer Nuova Simonelli.

Unlike other comparable models, the Talento has a die cast metal brewing group (with heat compensated components) that’s akin to those found on much larger traditional espresso machines.

This aluminium group head retains heat much better that other plastic versions, creating exceptionally stable brewing conditions which, in turn, results in a better-extracted espresso.

And capable of producing 500 cups per day, the Talento is ideal for locations and sites that need to serve a large quantity of quality coffee on a regular basis.

Two professional grinders allow for the use of different coffee blends or options and there is also the possibility to create short, normal and large sized drinks, including espresso machine specialities options such as cappuccinos and lattes.

Using Nuova Simonelli’s flagship super-automatic machine couldn't be simpler. With no need for elongated training complicated procedures, you and your staff will be able to operate the machine from the get-go thanks to some innovative, user-friendly software, a clear LCD screen and a simple push-button control system.

Suitable for use in busy self-serve locations too, the Talento is an extremely receptive coffee machine.

Practical and adaptable, the Talento is flexible enough to fit any and all environments. One of the key features of the machine is its adjustable brewing spout which can accommodate different cup capacities, from shot glasses right up to large paper takeaway cups and its USB port which allows operators to upload previously saved settings.

Not to mention it can make two drinks at once as well.

Drink Configurations

The Nuova Simonelli Talento can be configured in a number of ways in order to fit your requirements. As an example, find the three most popular settings below:

Operator serve

Talento Operator Configuration

Default cup size would be either 8/9 or 12oz.

Using this setting there are seven basic drink options: Cappuccino, Latte, White Coffee, Macchiato, Espresso, 2 x Espresso and Americano.

The X2/Clean button can be used to make a larger version of each drink (up to 16oz), or to make two of each drink – giving you 14 possible drink options.

If you use a different bean in the left hopper (this would usually be decaf but it’s up to you), this can be selected by using the green left grinder button which gives a total of 28.

There is also the grounds chute which gives you a third option (ground coffee only) and could be used for decaf or specialities. – allowing you to offer 42 different coffee based drinks.

Then you also have the hot water, milk and steam buttons which can be used to manually adjust drinks or for making other drinks such as tea or hot chocolate.

Self-serve (2 cup sizes)

Talento Self Serve in 2 cup sizes

Default cup size would usually be set to 8/9 or 12oz , the large options could produce up to 16oz cups.

In order to simplify the Talento for self-service use, the following buttons/features are disabled: Left grinder, X2/Clean, Milk, Steam arm and the ground coffee chute.

Here we have fewer base drink options, but the larger drink choices are default menu items - giving 9 drink options.

In order to utilise the capacity of both hoppers, the Talento can be configured to produce drinks from the left-hand side of the menu from only the left hopper/grinder. Drinks from the right-hand side would use the right hopper/grinder.

Hot water is available to make tea or to manually top up drinks.

Self-serve (1 cup sizes)

Talento Self Serve in 1 cup size

Default cup size would usually be set to 8/9, 12 or 16oz.

In order to simplify the machine for customer use, the following buttons/features are disabled: Left grinder, X2/Clean, Milk, Steam arm and the ground coffee chute

In this example it has 7 popular drink options: Cappuccino, latte, white coffee, macchiato, espresso, double espresso and americano.

The machine can also be configured to utilise the capacity of both hoppers/grinders as drinks from the left-hand side of the menu would be created via the left hopper/grinder and drinks from the right-hand side from the right hopper/grinder.

Hot water is available to make tea or to manually top up drinks.


Beans container 2 x 1.5kg
Grounds drawer 40 pucks
Grinders 2 x 64mm
Boiler capacity 2.5 litres (steam) + 1.5 litres (water)
Weight 66kg
Dimensions(mm) w400 x d608 x h844
Power 5400W, 230V, 24A



Coffee Worth £8500

Full Package Deal Includes:

  • 4250 cups worth of premium coffee beans - (5 cases - 30kg)
  • 2000 sugar sticks
  • 1 case premium hot chocolate
  • 1 mixed pack of Twinings teas
  • 1 chocolate sprinkle
  • 1 case coffee biscuits
  • 24 cappuccino cups & saucers **
  • 12 espresso cups & saucers **
  • 24 latte glasses **
  • ** or 1 case of takeaway cups and lids instead of crockery and glasses above
  • 1 Cleaning materials pack
  • Point of sale material
  • 4 Litre Milk Cooler
  • CTU15 water filter
  • Delivery
  • Installation & training
  • 12 month onsite parts & labour warranty

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