Sweetbird Fudge Syrup

Creamy and luscious caramel

Made without any artificial colouring

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An old favourite combines the classic taste of caramelised sugar yumminess with a hint of creamy fudge.

Fudge originated in America, where the holiday fudge market helped increase the popularity of the creamy sweet.

The standard confection on many a seaside town's seafront, Sweetbird have added this delicious flavour to their every-growing syrup selection.

Banana Fudge Shake

A rich and smooth milkshake with sweet flavours, the ultimately moreish shake, that is perfect for when you want to indulge in the summer sun.

You'll need Method
  1. Half fill a cup with ice and top up with milk
  2. Pour ice and milk mix into a blender
  3. Add 2 pumps Sweetbird Banana Syrup, 1 pump Sweetbird Caramel Fudge syrup and half scoop of Vanilla Frappe powder.
  4. Blend until smooth
  5. Pour back into serving glass and enjoy!

Indulgent Hot Chocolate Fudge Brownie

A perfect winter warmer, with sticky sweet creamy fudge goodness being complimented by decadent chocolate charms.

Add a touch of whipped cream for an even tastier treat.

You'll need Method
  1. Put 2x pumps of Sweetbird Caramel Fudge syrup and 3x pumps of Sweetbird chocolate sauce into a mug
  2. Steam milk until foamy and thick
  3. Pour the steamed milk into your mug with syrup mix and stir
  4. Top with whipped cream and serve!