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Ugandan Gumutindo Union Oliva Kishero's Farm Coffee

Ugandan Gumutindo Union Oliva Kishero's Farm Coffee

Wonderfully rich, with subtle tropical fruits and complex acidity.

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Fresh Beans (COF95)
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Flag of Uganda


  • Origin: Gumutindo Union, Uganda
  • Farm: Oliva Kishero's Farm
  • Altitude: 1,300m
  • Varietal: AA Women's Premium
  • Process: Fully washed/sun-dried

Quick taste:

  • Apricots
  • Oranges

Brewing guide

  • Filter
  • Aeropress
  • Espresso
  • Milk-based drinks

The women’s coffee project has helped Ugandan people like Oliva Kishero, who was born on a coffee farm in 1973, to purchase their own land and improve not only their quality of life and prospects, but the quality of their coffee. Oliva and her husband own and run their impressive 10 hectare organic certified coffee farm in Gowosi village on the slopes of Mount Elgon, on the border with Kenya.

They belong to their local Buginyanya Primary Co-operative Society which has 690 members and is in turn a member of Gumutindo Coffee Co-operative Enterprises, a union of six primary or village co-operatives. The farms are located at elevations of between 1,300 and 3,500 metres.

Growing their coffee in the shade of Mount Elgon, and intercropped with banana trees, yams and cassava, the rich volcanic soil, warm climate and plenty of rainfall all combine to help produce some of the finest Arabica in the East of Africa.

Oliva has been treasurer of Gumutindo for four years and is one of Buginyanya Co-op’s seven committee members. She takes these responsibilities very seriously and is proud that she is setting an example for other women.

A sweet, rich and fruity coffee, it oozes a complex acidity to give you one of the best cups from the region.

For more information on the Gumutindo Coffee Coop please visit: www.gumutindocoffee.coop

Tasting Notes

A wonderfully sweet, rich and fruity coffee offers a complex acidity which results in one of the best cups from the entire East African region.

Featuring an aroma of almonds and chocolate, this top grade creates a wonderfully smoothly bodied coffee with hints of apricots and zesty oranges.

Brewing Info

Suitable for all types of brewing methods thanks to its versatility.

We highly recommend as with all of our micro-lot coffees to slightly decrease extraction times to really enhance the subtle flavours on show. By doing so, you will really enhance the subtle tropical fruit flavours and enjoy a full bodied cup.

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