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Sculpted by the coffee gods themselves..

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Very much in the mould of all machines from Victoria Arduino, the Adonis has been designed to both please the eye and to win over customers, no matter how savvy they may be.

Fusing luxury, art and craftsmanship into a single espresso machine, the Adonis has a number of key influences and features that make it stand out from the crowd.

Combining a key of features of modern and classic machines, this is a truly timeless piece of coffee-making excellence.

The Adonis comes in two variations to suit your exact requirements, the Adonis Style and the Adonis Core.

Aesthetics and functionality

Every single detail has been carefully planned and expertly built, from the original design of the chrome group heads to the edges and extras that make up the exquisite coffee machine.

Adonis Coffee Machine

Featuring soft curves, and clean chrome lines, attention has been paid to the ergonomics of the Adonis to ensure that every angle is softened, making it comfortable to use as well as incredibly attractive.

Design can often come at a price, but the Adonis is able to cram a whole host of the most advanced espresso technologies into its svelte frame.

High tech

Key technology is, of course, a cornerstone of why so many high-end coffee shops choose the Adonis.

The addition option of the Easycream system helps baristas with incredibly precise milk frothing. The steam wand includes 'tangential holes' and a steam-air mixing system to make incredibly smooth and light foam and silky milk for perfect flat whites, lattes and cappuccinos.

Adonis Easy Cream Wand

All standard steam wands include push and pull controls for precise and accurate steam delivery when frothing milk, this drive system for the steam nozzle helps alleviate unnecessary stress on barista's arms. Whilst the 'Cool-Touch' wands are thermally insulated in order to be safe for the operator, whilst also making them easier to clean. They'll thank you for this!

They'll thank you for this!

Extraction technology was specifically developed to enhance the aroma and flavour of every coffee brewed, the High Efficiency Extraction System (HEES) is a key component in the Adonis' brewing process.

HEES helps retain the natural flavours within the coffee during extraction, creating a creamier espresso experience, whilst making repeatable results and consistent crema with every single extraction.

Precise temperature control is achieved via the PID system, which gives maximum thermal stability throughout all stages of the brewing process.

Adonis Estrazione

For full control, adjust boiler temperature using the keypad, monitor pressure, temperature and more via the very same LCD screen to keep track of every stage in real-time.

Efficiency is, of course, a concern, Victoria Arduino sought to minimise the environmental footprint by ensuring that all lighting is powered by efficient low-energy usage LED technology. Meaning your display is powered by cost-effective means.

Sleek design, classy finish, mutliple options

The Adonis Style offers low or tall groups – which allow for brewing directly into large takeaway cups – and features the Easycream steam system as standard.

High feet raise the Style higher on your counter, making it more prominent, whilst LED lighting on the work surface, groupheads and rear logo creates a sense of theatre and prestige when in operation or even idle.

A standout unit, the Style is available in four colour options – chrome, white, maroon and black – choose a scheme to suit your branding and vision.

The Adonis Core is for those that just want prestige, technology and cutting edge design without the customisable elements or optional extras.

Low profile feet ensure a sturdy placement on countertops and work units, whilst the Core also comes with low groups as standard – perfect for mugs, cups, latte glasses and small takeaway cups.

Available in a classy stainless steel finish, the Adonis Core is a fine addition to your coffee shop.



Versions style | core
Dimensions WxHxD mm 860x630x570
Power  4500W
Voltage 230 – 380V
Steam boiler capacity 14-litre
Gross weight  97kg
Net weight  83kg


Versions style | core
Dimensions WxHxD mm 1090x630x570
Power 5200W
Voltage 230 – 380V
Steam boiler capacity 17lt
Gross weight 1187kg/260lb
Net weight 103kg/227lb

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