• Clump crusher technology - The Mythos One prevents static buildup during the grinding process to remove clumps and create smooth ground coffee.
  • Incredible precision - Micrometric adjustments can be made via the tuning dial, giving a much more refined and precise ground coffee.
  • Weight: 23kg
  • Bean hopper capacity: 1.3kg
  • Grinding output: 15kg per hour
  • 75mm burrs
  • Dimensions(mm): 188wx510hx400d


A truly artisan grinder, the Mythos One represents a new generation for on demand coffee grinders, providing the highest level of technology and smart devices to meet the requirements of even the most demanding barista.

Sleek and incredibly eye-catching, soft lighting and matt black finish draw the eye to this incredibly high-end grinding device.

Mythos One Coffee Grinder

New technology

Designed for a better extraction and therefore flavoursome coffee, the Mythos One includes innovative Clima Pro technology and a Clump Crusher system to ensure that each dosage is both consistent and free from impurities.

Truly designed for baristas, the Mythos One is just the beginning of a coffee journey with attention paid to every aspect of the pre-brewing process required to make the finest coffee.

Featuring intelligent temperature management when grinding to ensure that beans are not inconsistent and therefore guarantees a better quality of espresso extraction.

Clima Pro technology manages the temperature in the milling chamber and utilises a cooling system that starts automatically as soon as the sensor detects the need to adjust the temperature. An incredibly simple solution to help improve and enhance the coffee extraction process.

Smooth as silk

The coffee portafilter can be damp or have little impurities that cause ground coffee to clump up into compact balls, such as moisture and static electricity, the Mythos One includes a 'clump crusher' system, this eliminates the static electricity effects caused by the grinding process and ensures maximum consistency of ground coffee output.

By removing minor issues that plague standard grinders or even advanced grinders, the Mythos One provides the best possible platform for exquisite artisan coffee before brewing has even begun.

An extension of a barista's arm

Designed to enhance the workflow of your staff, the entire grinder includes touches that truly showcase Victoria Arduino's dedication to the art of crafting coffee.

A filter holder hook lowers the stress on your barista's wrist, especially important given the repetitive nature of grinding in a busy coffee shop.

One Clump Crusher

The Mythos One includes a filter holder system that doesn't require your barista to hold the group handle in place during the grinding process, incredibly convenient when juggling multiple tasks during busy periods.

Micro adjustments are made incredibly easy with simple dial controls that allow for incredible fine-tuning of the grind during every step of the coffee making process.

Track and monitor each setting, timing and more via the bright and easy-to-read LCD screen, an absolute essential for the modern-day barista.



Dimensions WxHxD mm 188x510x400
Power 230V/800W
Voltage 230V
Bean hopper capacity 1.3Kg
Grinding adjustment Micrometric
Productivity (Kg/h) 15
Grinding speed (sec/dose) 2.7
Burrs 75mm
Gross weight 25kg
Net weight 23kg