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Victoria Arduino Venus Family Espresso Machine

Victoria Arduino Venus Family Espresso Machine

Traditional coffee made just how the original Italian masters would serve.

Please see the larger Venus Bar for a full-sized espresso machine with classic stylings.

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  • Original espresso - Make coffee like the old Italian masters designed.
  • Compact design - The Venus Bar is a high-end small coffee machine making it ideal for the boutique coffee shop or even the home barista.
  • Truly handmade coffee - Get hands-on like no other machine available on the market.
  • Hand-crafted design - Emulating the original Victoria Ardunino machines of the mid-20th century, the Venus is handcrafted in Chienti, Italy..
  • Three colour options - Three classic colours are available, with copper, brass or chrome emulating the machines of old.
  • Traditional controls - Old school controls make coffee that is a throwback to the heyday of espresso innovation.
  • Tap-operated steam wand - Froth milk quickly, easily and precisely with the dial control steam wand.
  • Hot water tap


  • Colours - Chrome/Copper/Brass configurable options available to suit your brand identity or establishment interior design.


The Victoria Arduino Venus Family takes the original design of the larger Venus Bar and shrinks it down to a home and small coffee shop friendly form factor.

A combination of small coffee machine and a rejig of the timeless design that has seen the larger model become such a popular re-release of a traditional machine.

Victoria Arduino Venus Family design, fit and finish

With easy to use features, the Venus Family is a great option for those looking to make professional quality espresso at home or even in small, boutique coffee shops that want an eye-catching single group espresso machine.

All machines with the Venus title have done so in homage to Venus, the goddess of the Roman pantheon, with it's name evoking beauty, opulence of form, elegance and grace, and much like the Venus Bar, the Venus Family exudes all of these characteristics and more.

A machine that catches the eye like no other, despite a diminutive size, the Venus Family is a quality machine with powerful coffee making credentials.

Refined over 100 years of espresso this is a classic machine made for the modern day espresso enthusiast looking for a crowd-pleasing experience that harks back to the Italian coffee shops of the post WWII period.

Classic controls

Victoria Arduino Venus Family dial controls

Adjust the boiler and steam boiler temperature directly from the side of the Venus Family with the classic dial control scheme, featuring tune dials for true analogue feedback when making micro or major adjustments.

Whilst this at first may seem daunting to the coffee novice, having explicit control over all aspects of the brewing process means mastery of espresso is a mere turn away.

The included steam arm is easily managed and controlled via the steam dial, for quality frothed and foamed milk without fuss.

With over 100 years of espresso machine experience, Victoria Arduino never compromise on quality and consistency, a process that has seen them redefine the coffee industry since inception.

Featuring the rounded body and signature Eagle ornament in the most prominent position possible, the Venus Family carries on the original traditions of the very first wave of Victoria Arudino espresso machines with their signature styles.

Based in Belforte del Chienti, Italy, the company continues the traditions of its founder Pier Teresio Arduino by investing in research to offer the most advanced espresso technologies.


Venus Family

Dimensions (mm) 320w x 510h x 320w
Power 1000W
Voltage 230 – 115V
Steam boiler capacity 2.3-litre
Gross weight 18kg/39lb
Net weight 16kg/35lb



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