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Coffee around the World: Caffè corretto

caffe corretto

Espresso is quite a versatile drink. We are advocates of learning as many new coffee concoctions as we possibly can, and if that means learning how to enjoy coffee in new ways, including as an alcoholic drink.

The Irish coffee is synonymous with alcoholic coffee combos, but the Caffè corretto offers something a little bit different to the creamy coffee liqueur you may be used to.

This is definitely a drink for anyone looking to really kick-off their nights out!

Not quite something that many are willing to admit, we can sometimes go a little overboard in our bid to ‘have a good night out’, and even the Italian originators of the Caffè corretto will attest that this drink combination was created for those with a ‘lust of life’.

The literal translation means “corrected coffee”, this is a potent hair of the dog treatment for anyone who might have gone a little too hard in the bars and clubs the night before.

What actually makes a Caffè corretto?


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There are a few ways to serve the Corretto. Usually you’ll receive a cup of espresso and a separate shot glass of sambuca, brandy or grappa.

You’ll then be left to pour your alcohol into the steaming coffee with a “Salute!”, and then down it in one (or two) preferably.

In an ideal world, the coffee should be the stand-out flavour in the cup, with the alcohol adding a kiss of extra flavour. 

To request a specific shot of alcohol you just order an espresso “alla sambuca” or “alla brandy”, this might come in handy if you’re not a fan of a particular drink.

In theory the natural bitterness of the espresso should perfectly compliment the throat warming alcohol, and works well for perking up or even winding down.

When you drink it is completely up to you.

Either way it’s either a way for caffeine addicts to get a boozy fix, or a way for booze addicts to get a caffeine fix…