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Office Coffee Machines

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Office Coffee Machines

Provide your staff with the best beverages around

We know how important coffee breaks are to a workforce, and how important it is to provide a high-quality option to satisfy demand.

All of our office coffee machines are capable of brewing up premium quality coffee drinks efficiently, but they are also incredibly easy to use and are ideal for self-serve locations such as reception areas, conferences centres and the office!

Whether you require a top of the range touchscreen option or a simple and customisable single-serve station, you can rest assured that we will be able to provide a machine which will be the perfect fit for your location.

Why does the office need a coffee machine?

Think of it as an investment in both the company and your workforce.

Without one, staff might loiter around the kettle whilst it boils or venture out of the office to a local coffee chain or cafe in order to get their caffeine fix.

Imagine that happening once or twice a day and then analytically think about the cost this has on the business in lost labour.

But it doesn't just pay for itself. By bringing a dedicated coffee machine on-site, your employees can enjoy speciality and gourmet drinks from well-known brands without having to pay over the odds or leaving the office. Morale will improve and you'll certainly be thanked for your decision - it is your gift to them after all!

Bean to cup or single-serve?

Bean to cup

If you want a mini-electronic barista then a bean to cup is the machine to go for. These extremely versatile and high performing options use fresh ingredients to make a wide range of cafe quality speciality beverages, all via the touch of a button.

Some models can also incorporate powdered ingredients, allowing you to offer hot chocolates and creme brulees to staff, in addition to fresh coffee.

Single serve

A single serve machine brews up coffee quickly and simply by eliminating the need for somebody (or something) to measure out ingredients, flavourings and additives. Another great feature about these machines is the wide range of options available to them. Whether you fancy a single-origin latte, a flavoured tea or a sumptuous hot chocolate, there'll be a single serve option.

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