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Water Boilers

A dedicated commercial water boiler is not only a simple addition to a coffee shop, cafe or restaurant; it's also an essential for canteens, church halls and much more.

They give you direct access to large amounts of quality hot water, and relieve the strain on your espresso machine or bean to cup coffee machine.

Very easy-to-use, a water boiler offers even more hot drink options beyond coffee and tea. They are a perfect option for self-service areas, where customers can access water themselves.

Much more efficient than using your expensive coffee machine for access to hot water, a dedicated boiler could actually save your business money. They do this by reducing not only the strain on your machine but reduce waiting time for a range of hot drinks.

Manual Fill Water Boilers

Not requiring a mains connection makes these types of machine ideal for mobile caterers or those not requiring constant access to a water source.

The tank must be refilled manually, but this does allow for flexibility with location and accessibility, so long as you have access to a power supply.

Auto Fill Water Boiler

An auto-fill boiler requires a direct connection to a water supply, this allows the boiler tank to be filled continually and automatically so that the unit is unable to boil dry, and to ensure you always have hot water when you need it.

Counter Top or Wall Mounted

The most commonly seen type of boiler, counter top machines can be placed on almost any flat surface or counter, providing you piping hot water where required. They are useful for both staff usage and even in a self-service scenario.

Wall mounted boilers allow you to save counter top space by fitting the boiler to a wall, which may help you with efficiency, space and cleaning, depending on your scenario.


This means the amount of water that the internal tank of the machine can hold. A larger tank means you can dispense more drinks continuously. It may mean that the machine takes longer to heat up on a morning, in the case of a manual boiler. Having a larger capacity with a manual fill machine means you'll have to refill it less, saving you time.

Automatic On and Off

Some machines are able to be programmed to turn on and off when required, which is useful - as you can essentially get the boiler to pre-heat itself and be ready for your opening time. You can set the machine up to be turned off entirely on closed days, or outside your working hours.

Tap or Button Dispensing Water Boilers

Most of our boilers utilise a simple tap to dispense water. However some machines utilise a push button control, which has the advantage of being able to set up how much is dispensed per-cup, ensuring that cups aren't overfilled or underfilled - keeping control of margins and wastage.

If you are unsure of how you can benefit from a dedicated boiler, or have questions about a particular product or brand, then please call our dedicated sales and support team on 01977 687 580.