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Water Boilers

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Water boilers

A dedicated commercial water boiler is not only a simple addition to a coffee shop, cafe or restaurant; it's also an essential for canteens, church halls and much more.

Sometimes a basic kettle just won't cut it, and in this scenario a water boiler is the best and most efficient option, giving you direct access to large amounts of quality hot water, whilst relieving the strain on your espresso machine or bean to cup coffee machine.

Incredibly easy-to-use, a water boiler offers even more hot drink options beyond just coffee and tea.

A hot water boiler is even a perfect option for self-service areas, where customers can access water themselves and alleviate strain on your staff/workforce.

Much more efficient than using your expensive coffee machine for access to hot water, a dedicated water boiler could actually save your business money by reducing not only the strain on your machine but reduce waiting time for a range of hot drinks.

Auto-fill boilers are designed to be connected to a mains water connection, replenishing water when needed to ensure that you constantly have access to hot water. 

Manual-fill boilers offer flexibility in positioning and usage but require the boiler water supply to be replenished manually.

This makes a manual fill option perfect for mobile caterers or for areas where water access is less prevalent but requires hot water – such as meeting rooms and conference centres.

Whether you require a countertop, free-standing or wall mounted boiler, we have all of the options available to suit your business – no matter the size or scope.

We aim to offer only the finest and most popular models from some of the world's most recognisable brands, such as Lincat, Instanta, Burco and Bunn ensuring that you have the best in the business when it comes to water boilers.

Increase the longevity of your water boiler with a high-quality water filter, protecting it against limescale damage and also improving water taste. Click here to see our full range of water filters compatible with a wide range of hot water boilers.

If you are unsure of how you can benefit from a dedicated water boiler, or have questions about a particular product or brand, then please call our dedicated sales and support team on 01977 687 580.

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