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  1. Classic Granulated Skimmed Milk Powder
    A healthy vending alternative
    Quantity: 10 x 500g Learn More
    £37.50 £37.50
  2. Le Royal Cappuccino Topping
    80% milk content
    Quantity: 10 x 750g Learn More
    £52.50 £52.50
  3. iSi Cream Whipper
    Quick whipped cream
    Two sizes available Learn More

    From: £71.99 £59.99

    Out of stock
  4. ISI Cream Chargers
    For ISI Cream Whippers
    Quantity: 10 Learn More
    £5.99 £4.99
  5. Perspex Condiment Stand
    Clear Perspex stand with 10 condiment chutes Learn More
    £47.99 £39.99

Milk & Cream

Whether you require some milk pots to hand out to customers, milk powder to be added to your beverage selections, cappuccino toppings or any one of a number of accessories such as a cream whipper, we have everything you could possibly need.

All our milk and cream products from Le Royal and Lakeland have an extra long shelf life, are easy to use and practical to store.

The best quality available on the market today, all our products have been picked for their taste, price and high milk content.