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Coffee Grinders

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Coffee Grinders

The true key to consistent coffee

A commercial coffee grinder is one of the most integral parts of any coffee making operation. A quality coffee machine requires a good supporting accessory, coffee beans need to be ground well to achieve an exceptional cup of coffee.

Integral to the coffee making process, having access to a quality coffee grinder is the difference between average coffee and exceptional coffee.

Don't settle for mediocre. Our range of commercial coffee grinders are designed for high volume usage, without detriment to the quality, consistency and taste of your precious beans.

Every single grinder in our range has been verified by ourselves as fit for the commercial working environment, with exceptional reliability, eye-catching aesthetics and supreme functionality. Not to mention the presence of modern technologies and long-lasting, precise burrs; these truly commercial coffee grinders are more than fit for any coffee house.

After all, consistency is king when it comes to grinding coffee.

Perfect for all levels of the catering, cafe and coffee industry, a coffee grinder goes hand in hand with both the barista and the espresso machine; its importance cannot be overstated.

In addition to an array of grinders which are available to order, we can provide a number of relevant accessories such as spare hoppers which will increase storage capacities – something which will be needed for those working in high volume locations.

Importance of the grind

There is no avoiding it; a quality grinder is a necessity for those who are operating within a commercial environment. Therefore a top quality grinding unit will be one of the building blocks of any successful coffee shop or cafe.

Each variety of bean has distinct and different characteristics, therefore being able to fine-tune your grinder to accommodate for this has become an integral part of the brewing process: Too coarse and the espresso will be too weak, too fine and coffee could be burnt.

There's no avoiding it, if you have a machine, you'll need a solid performing coffee grinder to match.

It is important to remember that an excellent espresso machine will only make poor coffee if used with a lousy coffee grinder.

Dosers vs On Demand grinders

Doser grinders

This type of grinder grinds your coffee beans into a container instead of directly into the group handle.

The barista then simply turns a handle or pulls a lever to 'dose' the shot of ground coffee into the group handle before brewing.

There are a few variations on the doser option to be aware of:

  • Automatic grinders – These units will automatically grind coffee for quick dispensing in busy locations, filling up the doser unit as all used coffee will be used and replaced.
  • Manual grinders – These grinders are controlled by the barista, who will turn on the grinder when filling the doser, it's important to note that the doser on these machines will not empty during busy periods.
  • Timed grinders – Utilising timing settings, these grinders can be configured to grind your beans for a set period of time throughout the day, even at multiple intervals, to help decrease wastage.

A doser grinder offers a few key advantages, streamlining the espresso making process by having ready ground fresh coffee to hand at all times.

During very busy periods, this can make a huge difference in the time it takes to prepare and serve customers.

Dosage style grinders are prone to seeing coffee lose freshness if left for long periods without serving.

On Demand grinders

Designed to grind and dispense when required, an On Demand grinder, places the ground coffee directly into the portafilter.

Dosing directly into the portafilter means that the coffee has no time to lose freshness, resulting in espresso that contains more fresh flavour.

There is room for error with an on demand option, grinding in this way is prone to spillage if the group handle is incorrectly positioned.

We often recommend an on demand grinder for coffee shops looking to serve the finest coffee.

Featured Brands


One of the most recognisable names in the beverage sector, Bunn has been making high-quality equipment for decades.

Besides innovating and manufacturing a wide range of beverage machines, the American company also produces a number of coffee grinders designed for commercial use.

Built to grind for busy locations, they are favoured by those who want both quantity and quality.


The Fiorenzato name has long been associated with coffee grinders. Founded in the 1930s by Pietro Fiorenzato, the company has driven innovation forward with the introduction of their patented and revolutionary inverter system, which has brought industrial technologies to the commercial market.

Constantly aware of changing technology, Fiorenzato's signature range of commercial grinders, such as the F64 Evo, contain full-colour touchscreen displays that can relay vital information such as bean consumption, settings and statistics, and status reports.


Established in the 1950s, this Italian company specialise in commercial grinders and have distribution agreements in place that sees their products available for sale in over 70 countries situated around the world.

Known for the precision and reliability of their grinders, the Venice-based manufacturer creates some of the finest grinders available in the coffee industry.

Mazzer grinders are renowned for producing consistent ground coffee.

Victoria Arduino

Champions of coffee since the days of the very first coffee machine, Victoria Arduino's rich history in all things coffee extends to the not-so-alien world of coffee grinders and grinding technology.

Exclusively manufacturing high-end units, the brand utilises every single year of history to improve, enhance and refine their line of products designed for the true professional barista.

When you choose Victoria Arduino, you're choosing over 100 years of in-depth industry experience, technical know-how and innovative thinking.

If you require further details on any of our coffee grinding products please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with further information and advice.

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