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About Our Ingredients

As they say, variety is the spice of life

Having a wide range of drinks for all occasions and eventualities is important for any establishment. Unfortunately it's highly unlikely that all of your customers will want coffee all of the time.

Whether you need tea, hot chocolate mixes, smoothies, syrups, milkshakes or milk itself we will have an option to suit not only any palatte but any budget.

Not only are we proud of our coffee, we're also incredibly proud of our vast selection of teas.

Just like we strive to find the best coffee available, we have scoured the globe for the finest teas and have built up a collection that includes plenty of flavoured teas to suit any tastebud.

Alongside these traditional English favourite blends, we also offer a number of hot chocolate options that are perfect for those who want to indulge their sweet-tooth without the caffeine kick.

If you want to expand beyond standard hot drinks we have a bevvy of cold drink options including refreshing frappes, slushes and smoothies that are sure to keep the thirstiest customer hydrated in those hot summer months.

Serving beverages? Then you'll probably need other essential add-ons such as milk, sauces, sugar and sweeteners, all of which we can provide at competitive prices.

Our vast range of ingredients can cover just about any concoction you could think of combining, just take a look!

And we haven't even mentioned biscuits and chocolates, the perfect complimentary hot drink accompaniments. We stock a superb range of those too!

Featured brands

We’re delighted to be able promote these brands who are known for the quality that we strive to provide for our customers.


Way back when in the eighteenth century Brits loved their coffee and ales, and tea was the new kid on the block. Luckily, Thomas Twinings was around and began selling tea and soon set up the first tea shop in London and the drink soon took off.

With centuries of expertise and flavours aplenty, Twinings tea is the only choice for those looking to indulge in tea.


Have you heard about the bird?

Sweetbird produce a huge number of delicious flavoured syrups and best of all, they’re totally approved by the Vegetarian Society — with a huge (and growing) selection also being Vegan Society approved too! — meaning you can use them all day without worrying about individual dietary needs!

Alongside their syrups – which are also available in sugar free varieties – they also make some delicious, 100% fruit and vegetable smoothies and some rich drizzling sauces.

The bird is the word!


The coolest, thickest and slurpiest drinks in the world.

Dinkum were born when two friends struggled to find a real quality milkshake in the UK, so they decided to just create a range of quality milkshakes themselves!

Now they’re one of the most well-known and consumed milkshake brands in the United Kingdom! We'd wager if you like milkshakes then you've have a Dinkum at some point!