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A very brief history of Afternoon Tea

A celebration of all things tea and scones, Afternoon Tea Week runs every year and sees tea rooms, coffee shops, hotels and country homes offer discounts on this quintessentially British pastime.

The perfect excuse to not only celebrate the traditional cup of tea (and scone) but entice the customer for more than just a quick cup.

With over 165 million cups of tea drunk in the UK every single day, maybe afternoon tea is a great way to entice those customers into your business.

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Coffee around the World: Masala coffee

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Infused spices in coffee is something we don’t tend to see a great deal of in the United Kingdom, but delve a little deeper than your regular coffee menu and you still probably won’t find the Indian delight that is Masala Coffee.

That’s not to say this is a bad drink, far from it, we just don’t tend to like to experiment with our favourites as much as the rest of the world – but now you can try this Indian spiced coffee mix for yourself.

And no, before you Google it, Masala coffee tastes almost nothing like Chicken Tikka Masala.

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Is this the best latte art ever?

One Seoul-based barista has taken latte art to another galaxy with a brand of foam-related masterpieces that are simply out of this world.

Lee Kang Bin has taken inspiration from films, television and popular culture to create the most intricate coffee creations we’ve ever seen. …continue reading Is this the best latte art ever?