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Hot Chocolate

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  1. Caffe Society Traditional Red Hot Chocolate Sachets
    Dutch-style hot chocolate
    Quantity: 100 x 23g Learn More
    £27.50 £27.50
  2. Caffe Society Original Hot Chocolate
    Made to our secret recipe
    Quantity: 1 x 2kg Learn More
    £14.49 £14.49
  3. Zuma Original Hot Chocolate
    Smooth traditional chocolate
    Quantity: 1 x 2kg or 4 x 2kg Learn More

    From: £18.25 £18.25

  4. Zuma Thick Hot Chocolate
    An indulgent chocolate drink
    Quantity: 1 x 2kg or 4 x 2kg Learn More

    From: £19.50 £19.50

  5. Zuma Fairtrade Dark Hot Chocolate
    Clear-conscience indulgement
    Quantity: 1 x 2kg or 4 x 2kg Learn More

    From: £23.95 £23.95

  6. Zuma White Hot Chocolate
    Subtle hints of vanilla
    Quantity: 1 x 1kg or 1 x 8kg bags Learn More

    From: £13.50 £13.50

  7. Van Houten VH10 Hot Chocolate
    A dreamy hot chocolate
    Quantity: 10 x 1kg Learn More
    £49.99 £49.99
  8. Milfresh Fair & Ethical Fairtrade Hot Chocolate Powder (13% Cocoa)
    Great alternative to Van Houten VH10
    Quantity: 1 x 1kg, 10 x 1kg Learn More

    From: £4.99 £4.99

    Specially formulated
    Quantity: 10 x 1kg Learn More
    £34.99 £34.99
  10. Plastic scoop for Zuma Orginal & Dark Hot Choc 32cc
    32cc plastic scoop
    NB: colour may vary Learn More
    £0.60 £0.50

Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolates are easy to prepare and are a fantastic addition to any hot beverage menu. Firm favourites, especially in winter, the drink can be made by simply adding either hot water or by using your espresso machine to heat and froth milk to make it decadently smooth.

It's easy to offer incredibly fancy and indulgent hot chocolates with our range of toppings, including marshmallows, chocolate sprinkles.

From indulgent mixes to our own-brand continental-style chocolate, our range is sure to go down a treat with your customers.

As always, we have hot chocolates that are Fairtrade certified.