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Organic Coffee

Environmentally conscious and full of intense coffee flavours

Organic coffee means that is has been produced without the aid of any artificial chemical additives and has been farmed to an exceptionally high standard.

Being conscious of how and where we grow coffee is incredibly important to Caffe Society, our business is based upon helping you reach your coffee creation dreams, but without the farmers who grow our favourite crop, we simply wouldn't exist.

As one of the world's most actively traded commodities, coffee farming has changed to meet the demands of the consumers and supplier. Unfortunately, some plantations and companies actively enabled the destruction of local ecosystems in a bid to increase profit margins.

This meant developing chemicals and artificial fertilisers that increased coffee yield but to the detriment of the local environment. The increased usage of these fertilisers and crop rotation has served to destroy the natural soil microorganisms, the surrounding wildlife - including insects, birds and even larger animals.

Organic coffee means that farmers commit to ending their usage of these harmful pesticides and fertilisers, instead using only natural alternatives and in some cases, technology, to solve these issues.

Typically, this means that the coffee has been grown without the aid of any synthetic fertilisers, pesticides and ingredients and that it has also been cultivated through sustainable and ecologically friendly farming practices.

This not only helps produce incredible coffee that is free from chemical tastes and the bean integrity, but benefits the health and wellbeing of those involved throughout the growing process including the local communities.

With this sensible and sustainable approach many farmers who offer organic certified produce receive technical advice and expertise from their accreditors, such as The Soil Association.

Typically over 75% of the world's organic coffee comes from Latin America, our range of organic coffee comes from a wide range of regions, including Asian and South America.

Our very own Triple Certified Grand Cru coffee beans are 100% organic and have even been the recipient of a Great Taste Award, that's just how committed we are to offering true organic coffee.