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Ground Coffee

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Ground coffee

Pre-ground fresh coffee that is bursting with flavour

Perfect for filter coffee machines, bulk brewers and espresso machines, our range of ground coffee is freshly roasted, offers incredible flavour and is ready to be brewed right from the bag.

As with our roasted coffee beans, our freshly ground coffee is available in a wide variety of origins and sources, all of which we do our utmost to ensure is perfect for the plethora of drink options you plan to make.

From single origins to cooperative and estate coffees, it's important that we source and taste every single coffee we offer, this even means blending our own specialist mix of beans to provide a truly unique taste.

Freshly ground coffee is key to your business, and so we offer our entire speciality coffee range in ground form, this means even if you don't have access to a coffee grinder or even a dedicated coffee machine, you can make amazing coffee.

Single Origin Coffee

Coffee comes from all over the globe, our blended coffee includes beans from several continents. This helps us craft a unique and incredibly pleasing taste for the various drinks that we all love.

Where single origin coffees differentiate themselves is by coming from one distinct plantation or location. This means you get a very different drinking experience to that of a coffee blend.

Micro-lot coffee

Micro-lot coffee is a more specialist type of single origin. Coming from farms that are much smaller or remote than the bigger mass-producing farms found elsewhere.

Due to being grown in lower abundances, or being grown in remote locations, micro-lot coffee will is seen as a 'rarer' and more desired coffee by aficionados and coffee lovers.

We do our utmost to provide seasonal selections from some of the best growing locations all over the globe. Be sure to check in regularly to grab a truly unique coffee experience, because once they are one, they really are gone!

Be sure to check in regularly to grab a truly unique coffee experience, because once they are one, they really are gone!

Cafetiere & Filter coffee

Ground coffee is perfect for cafetieres and pour over drinks, as not everyone favours espresso or espresso-based drinks on a day-to-day basis.

Filtering out the grounds ensures that your coffee is smooth and flavoursome, we even offer handy filter coffee and cafetiere sachets to streamline your processes even further.

From Fairtrade Colombian through to our very popular Roma Rich blend, whether they prefer the dark notes of South America or a traditional taste of Italy, we have grounds available under our Caffe Society banner to suit every palette.

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