Coffee Pods & Capsules

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  1. Bristot Decaffeinated Coffee Capsules
    Smooth and sweet
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  2. Bristot Espresso Coffee Capsules
    Aromatic and velvety
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Coffee Pods and Capsules

Precisely measured for a perfect drink

Coffee pods offer the great taste of freshly ground coffee in a single serve capsule, designed for usage with a wide range of bean to cup coffee and vending machines.

Unlike coffee beans and even freshly ground coffee, the coffee pod is pre-packaged and in the correct form factor to be used in a range of machines that are solely designed to make drinks from a capsule.

Providing the exact amount to brew the perfect espresso, these single-serve pods and packs are ideal if coffee is not set to be a major focus of your business or even if your office staff would like the option of a caffeinated hot beverage.

Taking all the effort out of making quality coffee, it's no wonder that many locations looking to diversify or take their first tentative steps into the world of coffee opt for a coffee pod drink solution.

Providing the same great taste as freshly ground coffee, and without the barista knowledge needed, a capsule using machine could prove to be a great way to get into coffee.

Quick and easy to use, pods and capsules require minimal preparatory work and are a very convenient option which has found favour in both domestic and commercial areas.

With different types available, including classic espresso options and decaffeinated alternatives, you can brew up great tasting coffee without having to worry about the variables.

Our range of coffee pods can be used on a wide range of home and professional machines, making them ideal for anyone looking to try something new or re-stock their drink selection.

If you want to know more about coffee pods and coffee capsules, then please call a member of our team on 01977 687 580 to learn more.