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Clear Cups & Lids

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  • 12oz Clear Cup

    12oz Clear Cup

    12oz recyclable takeaway cups
    Quantity: 1000

  • 16oz Clear Cup

    16oz Clear Cup

    16oz recyclable takeaway cups
    Quantity: 1000

  • 16 oz Solo Domed Clear Lids with hole

    12oz/16oz Clear Domed Lids

    Recyclable domed lids for use with 12oz and 16oz takeaway cups


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3 Item(s)

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Clear Plastic Cups and Lids

Purposefully designed to serve and hold cold beverages such as frappes, smoothies and slush drinks, our range of clear cups and lids are a classic of the catering world.

Clear plastic cups are iconic for milkshakes, frappes, cold brew coffee and more. Perfect for colourful drinks and sweet treats, your range of drinks need the platform they deserve, so make sure you're serving every drink the way it deserves.

Whilst you can serve a milkshake without a lid, if you customers want to take their drinks away, then it's almost certain that they will want a lid.

Our bubble-style lids allow for you to top drinks with cream, sauces and more without having to compromise on quality and style.

Available in sizes from 12 to 16oz, these clear plastic cups are an easy and affordable way of serving up drinks at both indoor and outdoor events.

Committed to sustainability we ensure that our clear plastic cups are 100% biodegradable and compostable so that you can worry less about the environmental impact once you sell a takeaway drink.

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