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Milkshake Machines

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Milkshake Machines

Sweet, tasty and incredibly popular

Milkshakes have become classic and iconic cold drink and are, of course, a staple part of the fast food and snack industry, offering an incredible way to cater for those that want a cool, refreshing and luxurious drinking experience. 

With a dedicated milkshake machine, your coffee shop and cafe can provide the best possible thick American-style milkshakes with the addition of a Dinkum Milkshake machine.

These commercial milkshake machines are an excellent piece of drink-making kit to add to your business, creating a new revenue stream and without needing intensive training or coaching.

Impressive in a front of house setting, freshly made ice-cold milkshakes are perfect on a hot summer day, or any other day for that matter!

Popular with children and adults alike, add a dash of chocolate sauce or sprinkles and transform your standard milkshakes into an entirely new drinking experience altogether.

We currently stock Dinkum milkshake machines and Shmoo milkshake mixes to help create incredibly thick and delicious milkshakes without ever needing to use ice cream.

Manufacturers of the finest spindle milkshake mixers, Dinkum are truly the experts in their field.

We even have packages that come with everything you could possibly need to get started, all the kit that will help you serve the best milkshakes in town.

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