Barista Training

Barista Training

Barista Training

To make the perfect coffee, you can't just rely on a state-of-the-art machine and the finest beans. In order to consistently create excellent lattes, cappuccinos and macchiatos you'll need knowledge, skill and passion for the art of espresso.

Recognised by the City & Guilds as a expert training centre, we offer some of the best schooling available to get you up-to-speed and making exceptional espresso every single time.

What is a barista?

Simply put, a barista is a person who serves espresso-based drinks in a coffee bar using a commercial espresso machine.

Good espresso making is essential to a barista's role, and so training and practice will help you prepare the best possible espresso.

As a barista in our coffee school you will be expected to prepare a wide range of other beverages, in particular milk-based drinks such as cappuccinos and lattes, which requires additional skills.

The Caffe Society Barista Training Course

  • Learn true Barista skills from experts in all things coffee.
  • A simple barista course that helps you get hands-on with all things espresso.
  • Available to groups of a range of sizes and ability levels.

Opening a Coffee Shop?

This course will impart all the practical tips, tricks and techniques that you will need to brew the perfect espresso and whip up the perfect cappuccino in your coffee shop.

Start off your new challenge of opening a coffee shop with the best foundation - a thorough knowledge of how to make great coffees.

Our course leader is a highly skilled professional, with decades of coffee industry experience. An associate member and fully accredited by the Beverage Service Association, the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe and the Speciality Coffee Association of America, you are learning from one of the best in the business.

The objective of the training is to ensure that all attendees gain a fully comprehensive understanding of coffee and that they can use their espresso machine and other essential items of equipment to deliver excellent coffee.

Integral practical skills that you will also include:

  • How to make the full range of speciality coffee drinks.
  • Coffee and the subtle differences from drink to drink.
  • Keeping your equipment clean for extra longevity and better tasting coffee.

Enquire now

We run our course all throughout the year, if you'd like to make an enquiry, then simply fill in the contact form below and get started on your journey and learn to be a barista!

Book Barista Training from just: £125.00 (+£75 per extra person)

Course availability

Our barista training course is FREE OF CHARGE to all of our customers who regularly purchase coffee and ingredients from Caffe Society.

That's right, free barista training – all you need to provide is your own transport to our facilities.

If you aren't a customer of ours then don't worry! This course is available to anyone at a cost of £125, then £75 for each additional trainee - e.g. £200 for two people etc.

So even if you don't own a coffee shop, cafe or restaurant, then we'd like to train you too! Take your first tentative steps into the wide world of coffee!

Do you have a coffee lover in your life? Barista training days are a fantastic gift for those who love their coffee and want to learn about the trade and industry as a whole.

We can also arrange bespoke barista courses, to discuss these individual sessions please call us on 01977 687 580 for a quotation and further information.


  • 2/3 Hours – Our expert course leaders can have you go from complete coffee novice to confident coffee-maker in a few short hours.

Barista Course Contents

A typical barista training course will include:

  • The coffee revolution – The history of coffee, the culture associated with it and why it’s on the rise.
  • Where coffee comes from – From the bean belt to our roaster and in to your store.
  • Understanding coffee – Arabica or Robusta, single-origin and why the differences are important.
  • The importance of the grinder – How to set it just right and why it won’t grind your gears.
  • Know your espresso machine – From groupheads to steam arms and everything else between.
  • Express espresso – How to grind, dose, tamp and extract and produce a perfect shot of coffee.
  • Technical tools – Why the tools of the trade are important when making the perfect coffee.
  • The art of milk – Perfectly heated and foamed milk is vital to coffee, learn about the hows and whys.
  • Specialities – Learn about speciality coffees and then create them.
  • Cleaning – Vital advice on how to keep your equipment in pristine working order.

Course Location

All barista training courses are held at our headquarters in Sherburn-in-Elmet, near Leeds. With a variety of Astoria, HLF and Expobar espresso machines on-site, all trainees will be able to get hands on and learn their trade on some of the best pieces of equipment on the market.

Our expert barista coaches have extensive industry experience and are true masters of the art of coffee making. When enrolled on the course, our crack training team are constantly on hand to help you (and your staff) become masters of making speciality coffee.

How to find us

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

How do I apply?

Either drop us an e-mail via our contact form or call us on 01977 687 580 to speak a member of our team about taking your first steps into making coffee like a professional.

Barista Course

Additional Barista Courses

Alongside our standardised barista training days we can also provide a number of other recognised and more advanced courses, including the City & Guilds accredited Barista Skills VRQ qualification.

These wide-ranging courses will teach you some of the more advanced skills and techniques employed within the speciality coffee industry.

Whether you are a commercial customer of ours or somebody who is looking to make inroads into the sector, we can offer a number of additional training courses that are specifically designed to give you all the knowledge and qualifications you need to succeed.

Just like our free barista training for customers, all training sessions are held within our showroom and teaching facilities in Sherburn-in-Elmet*.

Advanced barista and latte art training

Whether a professional barista or a passionate amateur, our advanced course will go into further detail about how to make the most of the beans and equipment at your disposal.

This is ideal for those who already have a solid understanding of espresso-based beverages and are seeking to take their skills to the next level.

The Course

In addition to recapping areas which feature prominently in our standard barista course, the topics covered in our advanced class will cover:

  • Grinding in detail – How they work; why immediately being coarse is okay and how to perfectly monitor your grinds so your coffee turns out fine every time.
  • The perfect time – How much difference does one second make during extract? Get tasting and find out so that your production line is as regular as clockwork.
  • Climate control – What happens when it’s too hot and what happens when it’s too cold?
  • Latte art – Learn how to use coffee as a canvas.


Available free of charge to:

  • Anybody who has recently bought an espresso machine with ingredients package from us.
  • Anybody who regular purchases ingredients from us.

If you aren't a customer of Caffe Society we can still offer a barista course, and at exceptional value prices. Our course costs £125 for an individual, then £75 for each additional trainee - e.g. £200 for two people etc.

Exceptional value for the experience that could last you a lifetime.

Advanced Espresso and Grinder Knowledge and Training

This course is purposefully constructed to teach participants how to ensure that the right shot is pulled time after time, no matter the machine, grinder or the type of coffee used.

It is preferential that those attending this training event have a solid grasp of the basics of coffee and about how factors such as coarseness and timing can alter the quality of an espresso.

The Course

This is a very interactive session that features numerous practical demonstrations, some of which feature:

  • The finer points of grinding - How to get the best flavour from your beans before you even start brewing.
  • Time – Each type of coffee - be it blend or single-origin - has its own sweet spot. Why, and how do you find it?
  • Shots shots shots – What techniques to use and how to implement them. Short, long, or just right?
  • A little bit of leverage - A lever machine can also be used to hone and advance your skills, allowing you to pull shots in the time-honoured Neapolitan manner.

As noted this is a very hands-on course where you'll get to taste the espressos made to really learn about how the smallest variables can have the biggest impact.


Our courses are available free of charge to:

  • Anybody who has recently bought an espresso machine with ingredients package from us.
  • Anybody who regular purchases ingredients from us.

At just £125 for an individual, then £75 per additional trainee (e.g. £200 for group of two trainees), we make it affordable for you to get full barista training even if you're not a customer of Caffe Society.

City & Guilds VRQ in Barista Skills

Our facility is accredited by City and Guilds as one of its national training centres where hopeful baristas have the chance to study for the Barista Level 2 vocational related qualification.

Work in partnership with Caffe Society to become professionally educated.

All our seminars and practical sessions are run by experienced, knowledgeable and accredited barista trainers.

The Course

At the end of this three day course, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate clear and concise product knowledge.
  • Clean, check and operate all relevant equipment.
  • Make a number of different speciality coffees.
  • Serve customers whilst delivering exceptional customer service.

Alongside practical assignments where you will demonstrate your ability to prepare and serve drinks, there will also be a short examination focused on important information that is vital for all baristas.

If successful, students will leave with a nationally recognised qualification that could well help you advance within the coffee and hospitality industries.


  • The cost of this three day course is £399 (ex-vat), subject to a minimum enrolment of four or more people.


To register your interest in these additional courses, send an e-mail our way via our contact page or speak to a member of our team on 01977 687 580

*Some courses may be moved to other locations due to demand. We will of course communicate any changes as and when necessary.