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  1. Lotus Belgian Biscuits
    Traditional Belgian biscuits
    Quantity: 300 x 6g Learn More
    £10.95 £10.95
  2. Walkers Assorted Twin Pack Biscuits
    Assorted shortbreads
    Quantity: 100 x 2 per case Learn More
    £25.50 £25.50
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Whether you plan on offering these as a complimentary item alongside your selection of hot beverages or you plan on selling them as an accompaniment, our range of biscuits will contain something that all your customers will enjoy.

From the twice cooked biscotti - which are made especailly to be dunked into a cappuccino - through to shortbreads and traditional Belgian Speculoos (Lotus being the most well-known), all our biscuits are freshly made to provide a satisfying crispy crunch.

Not to mention that they are exceptional value! After all, who can say no to a little bit of extra sweetness to go with their tea or coffee?