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Filter Coffee Machines

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Filter Coffee Machines

Percolate the senses

Smaller than bulk brewers, a filter coffee machine is an ideal coffee making option for those smaller locations such as cafes and events centres who want to be able to offer a fair amount of coffee quickly and efficiently.

The method of drip brewing has been alive for a number of years and is currently in good health at the moment as more and more coffee shops are reintroducing this classic practice.

It's easy to see why they have regained popularity: The coffee is of a consistently high quality with every brewing cycle, which is dispensed into detachable and/or moveable containers which, gives you serving flexibility and allows operators to carry large quantities of coffee around safely.

As well as these market-leading models, we also supply decanters, mobile warming units and other must-have accessories to complete your filter coffee operation.

Incredibly easy to manage, a filter coffee machine only needs to be turned on, then can be left to brew smooth filtered coffee.

A machine like this is perfect if coffee is not going to be your core product, or your want to offer something different alongside a traditional espresso-based option.

Featured Brands


One of the most well-established companies in this sector is Bravilor.

The Dutch-based manufacturer has been producing beverage systems for more than sixty-five years and has always championed an innovative approach to creating solutions for the commercial trade.

Bravilor's flagship model, the Novo 2, is a flexible and durable machine that is especially popular with cafe, pubs and other similar small to medium volume locations.


Since the 1950s Bunn has been at the forefront of the coffee industry.

Their rich heritage has been built upon their ability to bring new technologies to market and manufacture the very best machines possible. Their expansive portfolio covers all areas of the beverage trade and because of their unparalleled quality and consistency, the US-company has become the first port of call for people who require the very best filter coffee machine.

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