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  1. Shmoo Fresh Shakes Milkshake Mixes
    Shmoo milkshake mixes
    Add cups, lids and straws! Learn More

    From: £17.40 £14.50

  2. Iglooh Thickener for Milkshakes, Frappes and Smoothies
    Thicken up your drinks and get ready to shake this way! Learn More
    £24.50 £24.50
  3. Shmoo Pink & White Micro Marshmallows Toppings
    Stand out from the crowd
    Quantity: 1 x 200g Learn More
    £6.00 £5.00
    Out of stock
  4. Shmoo Red Spindle Machine
    Create delicious Shmoo thick shakes in seconds Learn More
    £245.00 £245.00
  5. Shmoo Stainless Steel Mixing Beaker
    An essential item for your milkshake mixing methods Learn More
    £19.80 £16.50
  6. Shmoo Premium Black Spindle Machine
    Create delicious Shmoo thick shakes in seconds Learn More
    £260.00 £260.00

Milkshake Mixes & Toppings

Some of the coolest drinks in the world

We are able to provide the full range of Shmoo milkshakes that will tempt kids and big kids alike.

All Shmoo products are incredibly child-friendly and bursting with natural flavours and ingredients.

Remarkably low in sugar and calories, gluten free and suitable for vegans and vegetarians, Shmoo milkshakes are thick, gloopy and best of all, incredibly tasty!

All that’s required to create the slurpiest milkshakes around is a bit of milk, the addition other ingredients are optional – allowing you and your customers to be as creative as they want. If you want to thicken things up even further, then the inclusion of a scoop of Iglooh will do the trick.

All products (toppings and Iglooh aside) come with branded cups, lids and straws, meaning the only thing you have to worry about is how to deal with that queue.