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Coffee can actually cause a ‘drunk effect’

Coffee can actually cause a 'drunk effect'

For all those people out there who rely on coffee to actually sober up (or at the very least wake-up) we have some startling news.

Actual research has shown that ‘caffeine intoxication‘ can cause similar effects to that of good old fashioned being drunk.

Some of the major caffeine addicts out there might want to assess their coffee drinking habits after this research…

Those of us who drink a steady amount – we’re saying 3 to 4 cups per day – of coffee will be unaffected by these findings, but there are bound to be some that could do with changing their drinking habits.

After another study examined the DNA of 3000 coffee-drinkers found that some had a variation of the PDSS2 gene which controls the breakdown of caffeine.

dna strand

What this essentially means is that instead breaking down caffeine and emptying it out of your system quickly, it will just sit there and accumulate as you drink your second, third and fourth coffee.

Your body holds onto the caffeine for a unforeseeable purpose, not only that, but our taste buds could be responsible for the extra ‘drunk’ feeling that comes with consuming large amounts of caffeine.

‘Caffeine intoxication’ doesn’t usually take effect until a person has ingested 1000mg of caffeine – usually in one sitting.

So even if you never know if you have the PDSS2 gene – let’s face it you’ll probably never find out – then it will take a while to get to the point of ‘caffeine drunkness’.

Bitter tastes were originally perceived to be threatening to early humans, bitter foods meant that something should not be eaten, therefore a bodily reaction of dizziness or giddiness is triggered by your taste buds to let your body know that danger is near.

There are a few simple solutions to this ‘drunk’ effect: slowing down your coffee consumption and only drinking a maximum of 3 to 4 cups of coffee a day.

caffeine cup - standby

Doctors recommend that you shouldn’t consume more than 400mg of caffeine per day which is equivalent to 4 cups of coffee, 10 cans of fizzy pop or 2 ‘energy shot’ drinks per day.

Whilst we aren’t going to tell anyone what to do, maybe our range of decaffeinated coffee would be a great way to indulge your coffee love without the need to increase your caffeine consumption…plus it tastes absolutely superb. If we say so ourselves.

There is no excuse for gettting ‘coffee drunk’!