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Straws & Stirrers

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  1. Biodegradable Paper Straws - Green Stripes
    Offer your guests a high quality, eco friendly drinking solution. Learn More
    £7.19 £5.99
  2. Wooden Coffee Stirrers 5.5 inches
    The perfect recyclable hot drink stirrer Learn More
    £7.19 £5.99
  3. Wooden Coffee Stirrers 7.5 inches
    Always stir and never shake your coffee Learn More
    £9.00 £7.50

Straws & Stirrers

It goes without saying, but if your customers are having sugar or are putting other additives into their drinks, they need something to stir with.

But it can’t just be anything, that stirrer needs to be made out of a material which won’t impact the beverage’s flavour in any way – abd capable of withstanding hot temperatures without losing rigidity or melting.

Alongside our stirring options we also supply packs of straws which are ideal items to be used alongside takeaway and cold drink products.