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  1. Poldermill Sprinkles
    Finish off your drinks in style with these assorted toppings Learn More

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  2. Shaker for Sprinkles
    Stainless steel shaker with a fine mesh lid. Learn More

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  3. Shmoo Pink & White Micro Marshmallows Toppings
    Stand out from the crowd
    Quantity: 1 x 200g Learn More
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  4. Mini Marshmallows
    A moreish topping for you drinks
    Two sizes available Learn More

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A piece of eye-candy for your beverage

Sprinkles, powders, mini-marshmallows and other toppings add an element of showmanship to your selection hot and cold drinks alongside an enticing indulgence for your guests.

The hot drink has evolved into an experience, which is why many of your customers want to try something that is more than 'simply another hot drink'.

By adding a further layer of decadence, and in an age where social media can generate worldwide interest in your coffee creations in a matter of hours, proper usage of professional toppings can make a huge difference to your business.

Once seen as an extra that might be more at home on an ice cream sundae, the addition of cream and marshmallows has become synonymous with coffee shop hot chocolates and flavour-filled milky coffees.

Ideal for seasonal variations on a number of your most popular drinks, you might simply want to add a sprinkle of cocoa to your cappuccino or go all out and add mini-marshmallows and whipped cream to your hot choc.

Whatever your creation you can rely on our refined selection to suit the very needs of the modern coffee shop or cafe, we understand the need to keep up with the trends that keep customers coming back time after time.

Even better still, all of our Poldermill toppings come in practical shakers that are ready for immediate use, that add a neat little touch at the culmination of the brewing and preparation process.

Available in two types; chocolate sprinkles or flakes, these will add an extra wow-factor to your drinks selection.

In addition to these handy garnishes, we also can provide you with marshmallows in different sizes, that are perfect to be served with coffees and hot chocolates.

If you would rather source your own toppings and sprinkles, or need a way to manage the portion control, then our selection of shakers, coffee stencils and cream whippers might fit the bill.