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  1. Latte Spoon
    The spoon for the slightly longer cup or glass. Qty: 12 Learn More
    £16.19 £13.49
  2. Teaspoon
    The famous, wonderful, humble teaspoon. Qty: 12 Learn More
    £7.79 £6.49
  3. Espresso Spoon
    Small stainless steel spoons for espresso cups. Qty: 12 Learn More
    £7.20 £6.00


Just when you thought a spoon was a spoon, we stock a range of coffee specific spoons, which are designed for stirring lattes, espressos. But we also have the standard (and more humble) teaspoon.

Our latte spoons are slightly longer for easy stirring in a taller glass or cup, with smaller espresso spoons sized to stir in smaller espresso glasses and cups.

All of our ranges are made from high quality, durable stainless steel and in multipacks of twelve.

There's plenty of options available for you, with this essential purchase. How else are customers going to stir in sugar?

Please click here if you need disposable one-use stirrers.