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Beverage Equipment

About Our Beverage Equipment

We don’t just know coffee, we know other beverages too

Alongside our range of gleaming espresso and bean to cup coffee machines, we can also supply a number of specialist items of beverage equipment that are sure to be valuable assets to any café, restaurant or coffee shop that is looking to offer a broad spectrum of drinks to their customers.

We also can supply other items such as water boilers, which can be purchased in either automatic or manual-fill options, further ensuring that you can meet every eventuality!

Alongside these, we also supply a must-have range of coffee brewing equipment, which can help transform and overhaul your coffee menu in an appealing and cost-effective manner.

Milkshake makers

Sometimes considered a summer drink, milkshakes are now becoming big business and they're not all that difficult to make...

At Caffe Society we supply superb milkshake machines by Shmoo, the milkshake masters.

These compact machines will allow you to whip up some of the coolest, thickest and tastiest drinks around, and they’ll undoubtedly be a hit all year round.

Don’t you think it’s time to ‘shake up your beverage menu?

Water boilers

Water boilers are essential items and can be especially useful in relieving the strain on your espresso machine if you are expecting to be brewing up a number of teas throughout the working day.

A quick and simple way of delivering hot water quickly, you’ll be able to transform your output in no time at all and you’ll soon wonder how you survived without this piece of beverage equipment in the first place.

We have a huge range of the finest water boilers available to help you make the best possible hot drinks or serve beyond the coffee realm quickly, easily and with little impact on your current offerings.