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  1. Zuma Dark Chocolate Sauce
    A deeply sweet experience
    Quantity: 1 or 4 x 1.9 litre Learn More

    From: £2.39 £1.99

  2. Zuma Caramel Sauce
    Divinely golden and sweet
    Quantity: 1 or 4 x 1.9 litre Learn More

    From: £2.39 £1.99

  3. Zuma SAUCE Pump
    For all Zuma Sauces
    Get the perfect 15ml shot Learn More
    £21.59 £17.99
  4. Plastic Drizzle Bottle
    Garnish and decorate drinks in style
    Capacity: 12oz Learn More
    £2.39 £1.99

Zuma Sauces & Accessories

Whilst syrups are made mainly for coffee, sauces are a much more versatile addition to drinks and more. Perfect for drizzling over foamed milk, topping hot chocolate, combining with other ingredients and even working as an addition to desserts and sweet treats.

Our range of Sweetbird sauces are available in iconic flavours chocolate and caramel, perfect for making rich, indulgent drinks and concoctions. Maybe you'll find a signature combination or favourite?

With these two distinct flavours, that can be combined together, you'll be able to add another dimension to your mochas, lattes, hot chocolates and more without a confusing method or expensive ingredients.

We strive to ensure that all of our syrups are Vegan friendly and are approved by the vegetarian society, it's the reason why we stock only Zuma sauces and Sweetbird syrups.

Not only do we have sauces, but we have the accessories to make serving sauces really easily and whipping up super drinks incredibly quickly without a fuss.