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Fairtrade Coffee

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  1. Fairtrade Espresso Coffee Beans
    Subtle caramel notes Learn More

    From: £14.50 £14.50

  2. Fairtrade Organic Java Coffee Beans
    Hints of smoke and Asian spice Learn More

    From: £15.50 £15.50

  3. Fairtrade Creme Supreme Coffee Beans
    Sweet, nutty and full bodied Learn More

    From: £13.50 £13.50

  4. Fairtrade Colombian Filter Coffee Sachets
    Sweet fruit and hints of spice
    Quantity: 50 x 60g Learn More
    £45.00 £45.00
  5. Decaffeinated Fairtrade Espresso One Shot Sachets
    Rich, dark and smooth
    Quantity: 100 x 7g Learn More
    £27.00 £27.00
  6. Fairtrade White Sugar Sticks
    Fairtrade white sugar
    Quantity: 1000 Learn More
    £10.50 £10.50

Fairtrade Coffee

Helping farmers all over the world get a fair price

With coffee being one of the world's most popular drinks, it stands to reason that it is incredibly valuable and widely traded all over the globe.

An estimated 125 million people are responsible for the growth, cultivation and harvest of one of the most valuable crops available. Some of which are in the poorest nations on the planet.

These people rely on the coffee trade to earn a living. But volatile pricing and seasonal availability means that our coffee can fluctuate in price to account for this.

Demand can also change, which in turn means lower prices for the growers, farmers and distributors we rely so heavily upon.

So why Fairtrade Coffee?

The Fairtrade scheme aims to provide the people we rely on with a fair price. Not only for their produce; but their hard work and sacrifices when growing one of our most precious commodities.

Climate change threatens the very life of these very important people in the coffee-making process. Without them, we would have no business!

The system and Fairtrade organisations also create trade partnerships based upon key criteria. Transparency, respect and greater equity in international trade. These organisations contribute to sustainable development by providing coffee farmers with better trading conditions and prices for their produce.

Fairtrade coffee is certified coffee that has been produced to fairtrade standards. This means that growers commit to following strict rules for coffee bean growth, and in return receive a fair price.

This means both forced and child labour is strictly prohibited.

We pride ourselves in offering a wide range of Fairtrade certified products. These are selected not only for the benefits but the quality they offer. Not only that, but they don't cost the Earth.

We have a wide range of ethical Fairtrade coffees and other ingredients. You'll find various products, including premium teas and popular hot chocolates.

Our range of Fairtrade Coffee

We're very proud of our range of fairtrade coffee. From the smoky, spicy and smoothness of our Grand Cru, the smoky and spicy hints of the Organic Java, the caffeine-free taste of our smooth Decaffeinated Espresso beans and the subtle caramel notes of our regular Fairtrade Espresso blend.