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Coffee Beans

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Freshly Roasted Coffee

Hand-picked, carefully roasted and distinctively delicious.

The sourcing, blending and the roasting process are all equally important factors as the coffee machine in producing the perfect cup of coffee.

That's why we strive to get our hands on only the best fresh coffee beans available and produce some of the best blends on the market and we're really proud to say that we've won awards over the years for our work.

Best of all, we're delighted to say that we offer all of our fresh coffee beans are sold under our Cafe Range banner*, ensuring that you can pick up your supplies and save money in the process.

In order to create our distinctive and award-winning blends, we initially have to find the right bean.

The origin characteristics of these different coffees are all used and mixed together to produce an unforgettable spectrum of flavours that, we believe, you won't find anywhere else.

You can be sure that our coffee includes only the finest arabica and robusta to make the best gourmet coffee available on the market.

We know that both the roasting and blending processes are hard arts to master but they are two processes that we are well versed in!

We don't just focus on just the quality and provenance, we're really big on ensuring that our coffee is as fresh as it can be by the time it reaches you, our customer.

When the fresh coffee beans arrive at our headquarters we roast each variety individually to ensure that the inherent flavours of each bean and blend come to the fore.

Once cool, these freshly roasted coffee beans are then tested to ensure quality and profile before being packaged and shipped. We don’t hang around.

Why should you buy Caffe Society coffee? Find out more about how our coffee is produced.

*Apart from Lavazza Super Crema and Bespoke orders

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