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  1. 4 Cup Carry Tray 180 per case
    £25.79 £21.49
  2. 2 Cup Carry Tray 360 per case
    Cardboard carry trays for the easy movement of hot drinks Learn More
    £27.59 £22.99
  3. Cardboard Coffee Clutch 8-9oz
    Coffee clutches for easy to hold takeaway cups Learn More
    £33.59 £27.99
  4. Coffee Clutch Brown 10-16oz
    Insulate drinks and keep hands cool one clutch at a time Learn More
    £38.39 £31.99

Trays & Clutches

How does one person transport several hot drinks at once safely and without spillage? The answer is a cardboard carry tray.

Cardboard coffee trays are the perfect solution for transporting multiple hot drinks at once. They are suitable for use with a wide range of traditional takeaway cups.

Made from high-quality disposable materials, we can supply two or four cup versions to ensure that spillages are minimised.

Another cardboard item that protects against heat is the coffee clutch. Great for allowing customers to get a good grip of their hot beverages without the risk of burning.

Also known as coffee cup sleeves, these are available in two common sizes (8 - 9oz and 12 - 16oz) and are super practical additions. They slide on to your cardboard coffee cups, adding a further layer of thermal protection.

Help takeaway customers enjoy your drinks even further, our range of clutches and trays are the right way to keep them smiling wherever they are.

Coffee Trays

The cardboard coffee trays we offer are 100% recyclable, and come in large pack sizes. They are available in both 2-cup and 4-cup variants, ensuring your customers are never left struggling to carry multiple drinks.