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Would you go to an Owl cafe?

They say cats can be very therapeutic, helping people unwind or de-stress with a stroke or two and some purring. But over in Tokyo, (where all the best things are), you can have a coffee surrounded by Owls.

Whilst perhaps not quite as cuddly as a feline friend, the fluffy owls are said to be great company, with some perched nearby, others perched higher up – but watch out if one decides to fly across the room!

“Cafe Hoot Hoot” located in Shibuya, Tokyo is rated highly online, with users describing the owls as cute, the coffee as tasty and the overall experience is said to be very relaxing. Other Owl Cafes are also available (believe it or not)…

Owl Village” in Harajuku, Tokyo is another highly-rated location, with over 10 owls and even owl-themed crockery and decor – that’s a lovely touch.

“Akiba Fukurou” is often referred in online reviews as “the best owl cafe in the world”. This cafe allows patrons to interact with it’s feathered employees, with visitors choosing an owl to be seated with them on their table, and stroking is allowed.

The idea of an animal being sat next to you while you eat and drink is not for everyone, but these quirky animal-cafe hybrids are an interesting idea – but they may be a bit too much for some people.

This writer has been to a cat cafe before, and found it to be a fun experience, with cats of all different colours, sizes and personalities coming to say hello, curling up to sleep or climbing cat trees. Similar cafes have been opened in the UK, including an owl bar – but it doesn’t appear to be a hit here, maybe we’re just not ready for it yet!

One major difference between the various cafes is the attention to detail on the cafe side. Some cafes focus more on the animals and the cafe and coffee side is average – however some owl and other animal-related cafes seem to get the balance right between food and drink quality and the animals welfare, needs and even quantity.

We’ve even heard about rabbit cafes, dog cafes and even snake cafes popping up in various locations around the world in the last few years.

Are you an animal lover who’d jump at an opportunity to dine with Owls, or would you prefer not to mix food and feathers?