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Wasabi latte: A new way to spice up you morning

wasabi latte

A brand new drink to way to jumpstart your day has been developed by a New York based coffee shop, using the condiment, Wasabi.

Not just a spicy drink, it’s distinctive green colour really makes this drink stand out. 

And unlike many of the other ‘pretender lattes’ the wasabi latte actually contains coffee!

Created by New York’s Round K Cafe owner, Byeon Ock Hyeon, the recipe has two slight variations with slightly different spicy flavours.

Developed after Hyeon was inspired to create a wasabi coffee drink after he noticed a surge in wasabi-treated snacks such as wasabi peas, wasabi Kit Kits and wasabi ice cream.

“To my palette, wasabi has always been quite creamy, so I figured it would work well in a latte,” he told Mic.com.

 Experimentation began in a bid to find a suitable recipe that combined the spicy heat of the wasabi and the nuanced flavour of the coffee.

It took months to develop, but Hyeon was able to tame the wasabi into a drinkable format that doesn’t take one’s head off.

Hyeon whips up wasabi syrup made by boiling a wasabi paste, sugar and water, which is mixed together until it is thick and green. This proves to be the basis of his wasabi latte.

The syrup can then be used in two distinct ways.


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For a striking, green coffee, Hyeon pours a small serving of the syrup into a cup, tops with espresso and then tops with well-foamed milk. This method creates a milky-but-spicy, light green latte that claims to have a ‘pleasant heat’.

Those that prefer a more refined and tradition latte look, Hyeon makes a version where he pours an espresso into a cup before adding a foamed milk and wasabi syrup mixture. This creates a standard latte look and has a more prominent coffee flavour.

Available in both standard and soy milk version, Hyeon states: “It tastes better with soy milk because soy milk has a nutty flavour that works really well with the wasabi.”


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Those not quite ready for wasabi in their coffee can have a shot of the wasabi syrup on the side.

All of the months of trials and test with the condiment paid off, with people flocking to try the drink. Hyeon has received lots of good feedback.

“Most people are pleasantly surprised by the combination,” he said.

For $4.50 or £3.45 a cup, we think it would be worth a try at the very least!