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Broccocino, Anyone?

While talking a look across the weird and wonderful world of coffee/health trends across the internet, something caught my eye. And i’m not too sure on my thoughts on the idea.

Broccocino isn’t really a thing yet, however it’s related to a trend starting to emerge in the world of combining coffee and ingredients you wouldn’t normally associate with coffee.

And one of those very ingredients, if you didn’t guess already, is broccoli.

If you’re picturing a piece of broccoli in a cup of coffee, you’d be close but not close enough. Broccoli coffee is made using a newly developed “broccoli powder” that can be blended with various types of coffee drinks.

A cafe in Melbourne, Australia, was the first to use the powder with coffee. The ingredient is made using so-called “ugly” broccoli; which is less appealing looking broccoli that would usually be wasted by the food industry.

This broccoli can be processed and turned into broccoli powder, each serving giving you 1 of your five a day. This idea comes at a time where many people aren’t getting close to their recommended daily amounts of fruit and vegetables.

It was co-developed by Australia’s national science agency and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) .

The idea of mixing a powdered vegetable into a coffee has split opinion, with a swathe of coffee lovers exclaiming their disgust, but a large group of broccoli aficionados exclaiming their love for such a drink.

Its quite a novel way of tackling some of the food waste problem, whilst also creating a new, interesting idea for coffee shops to take on.

Would you try a broccoli coffee? This writer is not a big eater of greens; and not too sure whether adding them to coffee would change that fact.