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Clean this beach then get free coffee

Keeping Britain’s beaches clean is a tough task and an even tougher ask.

We are not the cleanest, nor are we the most proactive of recyclers here in the UK.

That, unfortunately, means that we put our coastal areas at risk of contamination through sheer laziness or inability to put things into the correct bin.

One beachfront coffee shop in Exmouth has opted to tackle our wastefulness and lack of environmental awareness by offering free coffee to customers who are willing to clear rubbish from the town’s beaches.

The Point Bar & Grill in Exmouth is giving customers this enticing option to help aid the local environment, whilst also ensuring that a valuable external portion of their business remains an attractive prospect to potential visitors and tourists.

Manager Luke Healey told the Exmouth Journal: “We are lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world and if we all do our little bit then we can reduce it.”

To qualify for a free coffee courtesy of Mr Healey, you have to pick up a yellow bucket from the bar, then proceed to fill it with litter from the beach and then bring it back for staff to dispose of.

Of course, the ever-savvy Healey understands that this is a great bit of promotional work on his part, but told the local paper that it wasn’t the motivation behind this promotion.

“It’s just the right thing to do isn’t it?,” he told Exmouth Journal reporters. “If one person comes in and cleans the beach and has a cup of coffee, it’s done what it needed to do – and it’s got people talking.”

A post on social media sparked nationwide interest, as is often the case with feel-good stories such as this, with the post garnering plenty of positive attention.

Some might argue that the move is a pure PR exercise, but even rampant cynics can surely see the inherent benefits of promoting the area, business and conservation to the wider Devon region.

Piggybacking off another popular campaign in the region – the #RefillDevon campaign provides free tap water to all – Point Bar & Grill is on to a winner as far as we’re concerned.

Cleaning up the beach for a free cup of coffee? We’ll be on our way soon!