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Coffee around the World: Aisu Kohi

Cold brew and iced coffee drinks are more popular than ever, with both independent and chain coffee shops offering various delicious options for their patrons.

Japanese style flash-chilled coffee, also known as Aisu Kohi or “アイスコーヒー ” (which literally means iced coffee) is a slightly different way of creating an iced coffee drink.

It’s done by brewing coffee and dripping it directly over ice, which means the coffee is chilled very quickly, which can help keep extra flavour and depth to the coffee that would otherwise be lost using other brewing methods.

Always served black and in a glass, this method is quicker and known to be much more flavourful than cold brew coffee drinks, and as long as you have a ready supply of ice; it’s an easy drink to create.

The drink is commonly accompanied with a sweet or baked food item, perhaps to balance out the strong coffee flavours.

Its a great choice for coffee lovers in the summer heat, providing that caffeine kick with a strong coffee flavour but within a nice cooling iced drink.

Perhaps not for everyone, but for those who love a strong iced coffee – this could be a match made in heaven.