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Coffee Around the World: Café Bombón

Made popular in Valencia, Spain, the Café Bombón is not limited to one area of the globe.

Having slowly spread from the Costa del Azahar right across the entire Spanish nation this recipe has its own variations in Malaysia and Thailand.

Coming from the Spanish for ‘confection’ this should give some clues as to what to expect if you happened to order a Bombón at a Valencian cafe.

In Asia, the drink is known as Kopi Susu Panas or Gafeh Rorn, and utilises sweetened or condensed milk instead of the regular kind.

A simple recipe that includes only two key ingredients, the Café Bombón could be a great addition to a coffee menu that needs to offer something slightly different than the bog standard hot drinks.

What actually makes a Café Bombón?


  • 30 ml espresso
  • 30ml condensed milk (sweetened)


  1. Brew a single espresso in a shot glass or small glass demitasse
  2. Slowly pour the condensed milk over the espresso using the sides of the glass to create a smooth layer of milk and espresso.
  3. The drink should contain equal parts espresso and milk for the perfect mix.

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A two ingredient recipe that really adds a layer of Spanish flavour to your hot drinks menu, the Bombón is ideal for hot summer days when you want a cooler coffee alternative but not with too much milk but that gives a nice espresso kick.

The bands of distinct colour are emphasised by being served directly into a glass instead of a ceramic cup – although there is nothing stopping you from using one!

Two contrasting colours and the sweetness of the milk are all part of the appeal when drinking.

Condensed milk can be added to the cup first if you wish, there are no strict rules for making this mini coffee.

Occasional stirring after taking a sip is encouraged, with some cafes providing a small pot of the condensed milk separately for the customer who wants to add it to the espresso themselves.