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Coffee around the World: Rüdesheimer Kaffee


Hailing from the German wine-making town of Rüdesheim am Rhein, which of course sits on the banks of one of Germany’s largest rivers, the Rhein.

The Rüdesheimer Kaffee was created by a famous German TV chef during the 1950s, it has grown to become one of the most popular drinks in coffee hours across Germany.

You could say the Rüdesheimer Kaffee is Germany’s answer to the Irish coffee…not that the question was ever posed…

Hans Karl Adam created the drink whilst working as a TV chef in 1957, the drink relies heavily on a German brandy called Asbach Uralt, coincedentally the drink is from Rüdesheim am Rhein.

Often added to Coca Cola, the Asbach Uralt has become entrenched in the coffee house culture of the region, and of course is the main ingredient of this wonderful coffee.

What actually makes a Rüdesheimer Kaffee?

Because it’s unlikely (and expensive) to try and get hold of Asbach Uralt brandy, we’ve settled for a regular old brandy to make this super hot drink.

Firstly you add brandy and sugar cubes to a cup (we suggest an Irish coffee mug or something heatproof). In Rüdesheim, a cup that is specially designed for this beverage is used.

Flambé the brandy quickly, then stir for around a minute until all of the sugar has dissolved.

Add some strong coffee, we recommend a double espresso Americano, then top with thick whipped cream and dust with chocolate flakes and vanilla sugar.

For those concerned with actual facts and figures, you’ll need:

  • 150ml hot black coffee
  • 3 cubes of sugar
  • 20 ml brandy, cognac or armaganac
  • whipped cream
  • dark or milk chocolate shavings

Just make sure you aren’t drinking and driving when you glug down this superb cosmopolitan coffee.