Decaffeinated Coffee Beans

A memorable blend without the caffeine kick

Slightly sweet, with notes of caramel and biscuit

Sourced from Central and South America

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Decaffeinated Coffee Beans World Map

Inspired by our best-selling blends, our Latin American decaffeinated option allows you to offer a premium tasting coffee to those customers who like their drinks without a caffeine kick.

100% Decaffeinated Latin American Arabica

Sourced Central and South America's most well-known coffee producing nations in Colombia, Nicaragua and Brazil, the beans that comprise this luxury decaffeinated blend are all grown in high altitude farms and plantations. These SHG (Strictly High Grown) beans account for the blend's signature flavour, increased sweetness and mellow fruity acidity.

Once collected, the decaffeinating process takes place at a central location where the beans are submerged in a water solution which removes the caffeine at a molecular level before they are thoroughly washed and left to dry out in the Latin America sun. No other method removes as much caffeine as this whilst retaining a clear flavour profile.


  • Estate/Cooperative/Exporter – Various
  • Growing Altitude – 1200m+
  • Growing Method – Mixture of shade grown and full sun
  • Processing Method – Washed and sun dried


This is a medium-roasted coffee with a smooth profile, a balanced and fruity acidity, and a noticeable hint of sweetness.

Flavours of caramel and biscuit characterise the espresso's profile, but the subtle biscuit flavours becomes much more noticeable when milk is added.

Brewing Info

Ideal Brewing Temperature: 88-90°C

Brewing Notes: We advise packing shots a little bit tighter than normal in order to maximise the blend's sweeter notes.